Passion for Nickelodeon: Sponge Bob ranked as gay, offending asexuals

The West continues to celebrate the so-called “Pride Month“(Pride Month), which is considered the main holiday of sexual minorities. Every year in June, the LGBT community celebrates the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising.

At the same time, pogroms and demonstrations related to death also thundered in June. George Floyd and movement #BlackLivesMatter. As a result, some companies are trying to sit on several chairs, having pleased everyone at once. It turns out badly, which proves Bethesda, which not only changed avatars in social networks to rainbow, but also published “black squares”. True, the initiative with the LGBT symbol did not extend to branches in Russia and the Middle East, for which the publisher was accused of hypocrisy.

However, the TV channel has surpassed everyone Nickelodeonwho does everything in order to scare children from TV screens. In early June, he launched a nine-minute video live, consisting of a black screen, sighs and Floyd’s phrase “I can not breathe”. As a result, the unprepared target audience got scared. When the parents were indignant, they were called racists.

The second embarrassment is associated with Spongebob. In social networks, PR Nickelodeon hinted that the cult character is gay. Also next to him in publications were an actor Michael D. Cohen from the series “Dangerous Henry“(transgender man) and Korra from “Legends of Korra“(bisexual character).

Fans perceived the news ambiguously. Many decided that SpongeBob and Patrick Star are a couple. As in many absurd cartoons, SpongeBob was not afraid of crossdressing, but this was also accompanied by an episode of the wedding with Sandy the squirrel, as indicated by other fans.

However, the main problem is the creator of the show Stephen Hillenberg. In 2005, he stated that SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick Star are not gay. The animators were faced with the task of creating funny characters, almost asexual. Therefore, he always perceived the hero as asecusal (not experiencing sex drive). Apparently, the PR channel decided to push off from the vague commentary of the animator (asexuals are also ranked as an LGBT community).

Hillenberg died in 2018, and now Nickelodeon is trying to capitalize on his work as much as possible. The animator himself opposed the excessive exploitation of the character and dreamed of closing the project on a high note.

Straightforward publications on social networks also create grounds for restricting the circulation of products with SpongeBob in Russia and a number of other countries, which is associated with a legislative ban on representing LGBT people in an “attractive light”. So, movies, games and cartoons can start to label “16+”, refuse to show, sell copies, and so on.

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