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Last month Free League Publishing launched Kickstarter-Campaign for the second edition of the tabletop role-playing game The one ring based on the trilogy “Lord of the Rings“. It was successful from the very beginning: the required $ 12,000 was raised in four minutes.
In a couple of days, the fundraising will be over, and the game is showing phenomenal success: at the moment there are almost 1.6 million dollars on its account, and the money continues to flow.

During the campaign, almost three dozen additional objectives have already been unlocked, which include additional adventures and encyclopedic entries, equipment cards, new character sheets and other additions.

The original version of The One Ring was released in 2011 by the publishing house Cubicle 7… The second edition was supposed to hit stores in 2019, but by that time the license for the edition had passed to Free League Publishing.

The One Ring takes place between events “Hobbit“And the trilogy” The Lord of the Rings “. The game should be released at the end of 2021. And, if you manage to collect some more money, then a single mode will appear in it.

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