Pandemic and time travel: the new trailer for the anime “Gibate” with SUGIZO music and art from the creator of Final Fantasy

The official website of the anime series “Gibiate“Published a trailer with the composition Endless ~ Across the Time ~performed by Sugizo and Maki Oguro. In addition, the executive producer Ryo Aoki wrote a statement on the status of the project. In it, he discusses the release date of the picture:

“We believe that ″ Gibate’, the collective work of Japanese star authors, will be able to cheer up those who have suffered from the virus and self-isolation, as well as give hope to our fans. Therefore, we decided to overcome the difficulties in production and the lack of advertising activities due to the cancellation of events in order to start broadcasting in July, as planned. ”

Gibiate tells the story of the difficult fate of mankind in 2030, when a dangerous virus began to spread rapidly on Earth, which turns people into monsters of various shapes and sizes, for which it received its name “Djibi” – from the French gibier, “game”. Warriors from the early Edo period came to the rescue, who decided to help find a cure for the disease. The artist is working on the design Final fantasyYoshitaka Amano.

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