Painkiller: Hell & Damnation

Many times a remake of a successful game makes some sense. Being able to enjoy current techniques, be it high definition, be more effective controls, or an improvement in general, means that we can somehow “relive” the same good moments we had when the game was launched.


A recent case is the update of a game like Okami HD , where both the concept of game, its history or its improved image get that after so many years play it is still as sublime as when it hit the market. Does the same thing happen with Painkiller: Hell & Damnation ? We’re afraid not, not even on consoles where several months have passed until their version.

The PainkillerOriginally had some really good reviews at the time. We talked about 2004, when the work of the Poles ” People Can Fly ” surprised a good part of the criticism with its fast game style, intense action and without much more pretensions than to entertain and have fun.


Their good work would lead them to call attention of Epic that would end up buying the study. From there they went up, creating a Bulletstorm that obtained a very good critical response at a general level. Sign that these guys knew what they were doing.


They have been involved in Gears of War: Judment and there were reasons to be hopeful with the final product, but it was all that work that prevented them from getting a remakeof their debut,Painkiller . Another Polish team, ” The Farm 51 ” with close ties to ” People Can Fly “, were the chosen ones to carry it out.

The detail of the enemies in this remake is excellent
The detail of the enemies in this remake is excellent

With small variations the story that concerns us is identical to the original and if already had small bumps then, today these potholes are the size of the Grand Canyon. Our protagonist, Daniel Garner , has a traffic accident and both he and his wife die. Up to here everything relatively normal.


But as it usually results in these cases (dying with your beloved inevitably involves separation) you go to purgatory and she does not know. In order to meet with her you need to collect 7 legions, or 7000 souls of enemies that you will find. It’s over.


This is all you need and it’s all interesting you’ll find in Painkiller’s story : Hell & Damnation. Every once in a while, between acts, you have some loose phrase in a small cut scene that leaves you wondering if hiring someone to write a story of more than 8 lines is so and so expensive.


Do not misunderstand us, obviously games like this do not put history as a priority, but a little depth and meaning to what we do never hurts . Because this maybe worked in 2004, but today there is more level of demand with the amount of titles that are in the market.

The structure of the game is based on a simple chain of environments (14 in total) with different themes from cemeteries to convents and orphanages, to a theater of the opera and to eliminate the tremendous waves of enemies, monsters , witches


and others that are sent to us systematically when you cross from one room to another. Just without any strategy other than to move continuously to avoid the hordes, or that at low levels and if we have enough ammunition, it will simply suffice to put us in a corner to see them coming. The levels are large although most of their areas will not be accessible until we have eliminated the

corresponding horde, getting the opposite effect: look small . In addition, the developers have tried to explore the levels hiding armor and treasures but the truth is that there are not enough incentives to spend a good time exploring. Like the original meet certain


requirements or collect coins during the levels will give us to choose letters ofTarot that will enhance our skills or give us certain advantages.

A new weapon that devours souls
A new weapon devouring souls

The weapons we use will be the originals of Painkiller , and respect the idea of ​​not offering tools that make the game too easy, like putting missiles, peepholes or a cartridge to expand the ammunition. As in the original they are varied and get us to quickly adopt our favorite, although they are perfect for every occasion. We have for example a witty propeller, ideal for when the horde


exceeds us and in a matter of seconds we must get rid of 70 enemies that are already on top of us, or the always wanted weapon with cut down cannons.


They have added a new weaponwith which we can shoot circular saws for more distant enemies or rays designed to absorb energy from opponents. In general, the weapons are well compensated, without facilitating or complicating the game too much, and they are many, varied and really fun to use.

We have more than 30 different types of enemies that while they have a good design, despite seeing them by hundreds, it must also be mentioned that they do not stand out for their intelligence. Actually AI seems to only look for direct confrontation, and that you can only be defeated if you have escaped from the spotlight one of the dozens of enemies that are coming for you.


Obviously there are enemies who will be located in inaccessible places or who avoid direct confrontation, but they are a minority and do not suppose any extra effort to end them. We will have 4 huge bosses, and when we say huge they are with all the letters.


The heads of colossal size are designed with solvency and the battles with them are not easy. The endings tend to change shape to a more powerful, and if we add that the hordes of enemies are coming, chaos is assured.