Three hundred years later,

it begins with the fact that two of our heroes, warrior and cleric, out of the portal, which went once to something there to save, prevent, prevent, and so on. And I was surprised to discover that in fact has already passed three hundred years. During this time inhabiting the world Overfall race had quarreled – elves, for example, is at odds with intelligent animals and dwarves fighting goblins. Meanwhile, from the same portal start to get out some razmalovannye Vikings, who do not care for the local international situation – they just want to conquer all and ruin.

To counter them, our heroes need to win the support of some of the races, to recruit a couple more men, “pump up”, to learn new skills and get more powerful weapons. So they whitefish in the plane and go surf the global map in search of all of the above.

At the same time the Viking invaders begin to prepare for their small victorious campaign – first build a shipyard, then get down to it more and more powerful ships, taken to attack the islands, to hunt for other ships and for you. That is, we must act quickly – when the vehicle is moving on the map, time is running constantly, and with it approaching and time when saved will already be nothing and nobody.

Bread and dust!

The entire map is dotted with islands on which live representatives of a particular race or neighborhood just two people, such as humans and elves and goblins and people. You go down and immediately find yourself involved in any event. For example, become a witness clashes between patrol Elf group and reasonable shark, pig and wolves. You can get on someone’s side to help in combat and get a reward, plus a reputation in this race.

Overfall game review

Time shot “debuff” – the key to victory!

In addition, helping the needy, you get scrap (it is here equated with currency), food (there is a hero to treatment) or dust that is spent on improving both capacity and to accelerate the ship, when he tries to escape from his pursuers. Resources are also bought and exchanged in the taverns, in the bazaars and on merchant ships.

When the relationship with some races are friendly, they have passed on its home turf, where the earlier entrance was closed, and the main quest is moving forward. Around the world at the same time he lives – or, at least, carefully pretends.

Ships of different races constantly somewhere in a hurry, someone chase, fight with each other, robbing the island or, on the contrary, looking for a place for a new settlement. Periodically, and more undead attacks, and now on some islands spreading the smoke of fires …

Pass Overfall the first time almost unreal – the enemy too strong and too limited in your ability. Therefore, start a new game, in which the islands and set of events is shuffled at random, will have more than once, not two or three. But with each passing occurs over party options, that is, you are in a sense, become stronger.

The last time you helped some important magician or the monk and unlock these classes, and now at the start of a new game, you can change the warrior monk and a cleric – in the wizard (or vice versa). Or you get a reward a new weapon, scroll, unlock fresh skills, swam to the ship’s guild of warriors / clergy / magicians and “pumped” there skills the class visited the blacksmith and buy “upgrade” to combat “skills.” All this will pass and the next pass, allowing the start to choose a new outfit, in a different way to shuffle a set of classes, combat abilities and passive bonuses.

Developing you and in a separate pass. Having reached a certain level of fame in the world, you can recruit for special runes two companions (though they also must first find and open). And after a particularly important and difficult battles character acquires new passive bonuses or, on the contrary, penalties.