Outlast 2

In the original Outlast was a very simple base – helpless protagonist is trying to get out of the dark and bloodstained mental hospital. And it scared initially severed heads and hanging on the bookshelves guts. But it adjusts to the desired fashion, ultranasilie preparing psyche player so that he has decided that this is the horror corridor clinic Mount Massive.

Then he went on stage patients. Alive, but crippled, mutilated, beating his head against the wall, Meditate on TV interference and haunting character for no reason, without attacking.

This is where was a real psychological terror. It became terribly from trying to imagine what was going on in their heads, and that they brought to this state.

Well, hide and seek, of course. The moment when a huge hideous monster is looking for a hero to his hands to tear off his head. It is necessary adrenaline shakes, so you do not have time to get used to the measured atmosphere of psychological horror. They are heart pounding, they are frightened, although there were also not very often.

And then there was Outlast: Whistleblower , where the level of violence has risen to such an extent that it has one already frightened and disgusted. But in the second part of the developers have managed to surpass his past creation.

Violence and sexual perversion – is still the central theme of the game, but to realize it came from an academic seriousness to the Red Barrels.

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Developers seem to be inspired by the research of the American film critic Robin Wood, who has devoted much of his life studying just horror. Wood considered the “horrors” through Freudian interpretation of Gerbertom Markuze – any monster in horror symbolizes the social outcast, displaced due to going beyond the norms of sexuality.


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Outlast 2 – this is the best demonstration of which can result in fanaticism folded with a shattered psyche and sense of permissiveness. All the horrors that shows the game, not only scare her “disgusting” and naturalism.

No. Chills run through the skin at the moment when you realize that because people really are to this roll. At the heart of the game, even the real story lies the town of Jonestown in Guyana, where in 1978 more than 900 people in a religious community at the same time committed suicide.

And although the game was taken only common theme, some of the details of this terrible incident leaked and Outlast. A postscript “Based on a true story” (although it something in the game just yet, but we know) always increases the effect.

Another theme that runs through the entire history of Outlast 2 – Reflections on the interpretation of religious dogma. How far you can go in the interpretation of ambiguous lines of scripture?

And where is the line, which had broken faith and go in a completely different direction?

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The Outlast 2 will have to meet two conditional groups.

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Some people – Christians, who killed their children in obedience to the prophecy of their spiritual leader. They are terrified of the offense, their minds pomutnen, but faith is strong.

They are waiting for the coming of the Antichrist and his father, and then just close crashed helicopter with the main character and his pregnant wife. What to do with a child of Satan?

Pull out of the womb, and to trample on his heels! And no amount of “Thou shalt not kill,” they do not convince.

For a good cause and higher goals, you can forget any commandment, so they say.

Father in heaven forgive.

Others were able to overcome the fear of killing their own children. Moreover – they realized that they liked it. They saw a new way and have seen the truth of the Father.

His child was to be born, come what may. The followers of the Antichrist have settled in abandoned mines, leaving the semblance of civilization, which is the Christian community.

They daubed with untempered mortar, indulge in orgies and build wooden totems. Former neighbors are now enemies for them and sacrifice to meet the needs of sadistic.Sometimes, in some way, they are our allies – is also really creepy.

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