OPPO is developing its own mobile processors –

It seems that soon many smartphone manufacturers will release their own chips for them. Within the framework of the conference OPPO Future Technology Conference vice president of the company Liu Chang declared, what OPPO already has the ability to create their own mobile processors. The first model is alleged to be called M1 and will appear in future products.

The company collaborates with engineers from MediaTek and Qualcomm to develop their own on-chip system. An additional confirmation is the recent registration of the OPPO M1 trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. It is categorized as “integrated circuits, semiconductor chips, biochips, smartphones and related products”.

It has not yet been announced what the characteristics of the new chips will be, but it is obvious that they will receive the architecture ARM. Therefore, it is possible that already in 2023 new solutions will appear on the market.

However, this is unlikely to greatly change the situation in the market. I already tried to release my chips Xiaomidevelops them Samsunghowever, it turned out to be cheaper buy them ready at the same MediaTek.