Opinion gamescom: Battlefield 1: “In the name of the king», Need for Speed: Payback and Star Wars Battlefront 2

Most recently, at the June E3, I was able to a nodding acquaintance with EA projects, preparing to enter next fall. Sometimes I had to look for developers shoulder.
But the exhibition gamescom so good that before the release of games shown already at hand, and the company gives her personally to try everything and everyone. Adjusted for accreditation, of course.
So, immediately after yesterday’s conference Electronic Arts, where all the most memorable, of course, “mi-mi-mi” -pesik during the show ons “Cats and Dogs” for The Sims 4 , I was able to play … no, not in “Cats and dogs”, and Up Need for Speed: Payback , Star Wars Battlefront 2  and the addition of “in the name of the king” for Battlefield 1 .
Little by little, the truth. About that and tell you.

Need for Speed: Payback

The main show car presentation (literally and figuratively) was the brand new BMW M5 of the sample in 2018, which was presented with the pathos is not on any Paris Motor Show, and during the show Need for Speed: Payback. Rattling pyrotechnics, the car rolled out in front of the astonished audience directly from the metal container, which she has called a moment ago, in the illustrated “live” trailer on the screen.
It looked impressive, and in the hall for some time smell of gunpowder, though the trick and the new: the Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios have done the like  – have presented a real machine on the game show. However, more important for us is how to change NFS: Payback gameplay for the previous time. Alas, it seems that way. If at E3, I played in the classic “race against time” and “took a bite” with the mission to skedaddle from all tires refrigerator, but this time I managed to get a plot stage until the very end and try out a brand new M5.
Hall where the presentation of the EA, decorated Here is such a fiery Skyline! Everyone expected it to ride on the overpass, but, alas, did not happen.
I must say that in his own hands the game feels even more arcade than even looks. Fura wagging steel container accurately dog – tail to walk, it is accelerated to the second space, so that using nitro not keep up, and get up on the track pirouetting such as a sports car charged with parking brake bends can not dream.
 You can make a discount – say, in front of us after all just a game for fun – and yet at least some credibility in the situation should be. Story, then we play well vsamdelishnye – history trio of riders Tyler and Jess Mac.What looks good in “Fast & Furious” is not always easy to move on rails gameplay.
But do all these polukinoshnye tricks still more fun: first thrower sides of his Ford Mustang GT escort car, admiring the somersaults avtovragov in moderation, then the van finally we accompanies , fairly slowed down, so that it could catch up and start scripting the movie about to jump from light vehicles on truck girl.
 By the way, it was possible to do in just a fraction of a second before the head-on collision with the occasional passing car, but this game is “closed eye” – you need to move the rope in time, and it is fine.
Well, after you and you have seen in the trailers – jump from a container loaded Koenigsegg Regera. The authors of the asset Ghost Games, you can add that the gameplay it is still slightly different habits: car quicker, which is understandable and faster respond to manipulation of the steering wheel.
However, learning to ride a Regera have not yet succeeded, the plot demo again broke on the appearance of the highway police helicopter.
Here you can personally had a good drive in Need for Speed: Payback.
But managed to win back the ring race with rivals in the previously mentioned BMW M5. Shimmering lacquered body under the sun Fortune Valley (known as a city where things happen), I first time came first to the finish. As I already said before , a special call the game throws. It’s pretty cleanly: nominally input in turn, cleanly cut off along a country, state, pull the handbrake on sharp bends … And yes, the AI opponents play up perceptibly, as if looking back: “And do not vmazat whether the loser in the next bump?”
Overall, a pleasant feeling, but the revolution did not happen. And with the evolution of the series until the questions.
World presentation of the BMW M5 sample 2018 model year it happened in the EA Live Show.

Battlefield 1 and “Russian spirit”

The second important event of the last conference, and the day in general, – the announcement of Battlefield 1 edition subtitled Revolution . It will include all released DLC, as well as larger and more just preparing to release a supplement “Waves of Change”, “Apocalypse” and, of course, “In the name of the king,” of which the most talked about in this time. It is one more time I could play.
Although, by the way, in part, “In the name of the king” is already available and you (or rather, those who have a Premium Pass Battlefield 1): You can try out the map Lupkow Pass. This snow-covered location with uneven terrain and armored train as the main attraction.
And at gamescom, I run about on a different map to “capture the flag” classic mode. Trains were not here, but there was an Orthodox church, reminiscent of Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow. Although representatives of the Russian office of the EA say that the building – a collective image of the Orthodox churches in the whole …
However, it does not matter, the main thing – a common “native” environment and drive: the battle overlooking the dynamic diva. Here you broke into the church, fired on soldiers of the Red Army, plaster pours from the place where once there was an altar, rushing into the center of the cathedral, shooting from all cracks, capture the flag …
And then – again on the cold, to win the next point. The trenches, by such friends “Petersburg” lights. Admiring in the last moments of the words “Hotel Lyuks” die somehow even nicer. City map shown in the game feels much more organic than rural byways.
If you liking herself Battlefield 1 and its multiplayer, “In the name of the king” seems essential attraction. It is not often go game about the Russian empire and the battle of red and white. This is the case when “they” do about “us”, and it turns out well.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

As for Star Wars Battlefront 2, here the developers have focused on the multiplayer space battles. Criterion Games has introduced Starfighter Assault mode, where players will attack or defend an important spacecraft. To do this, you need not give a command to fire any “pain” point on the colossus body belonging to the other team: they may be, for example, generators, protective fields and stuff like that. Sometimes victory is required to perform a sequence of tasks.
Though war and takes place in the vast space, the card is not so great, and all the players, like moths to a lamp over, spinning nearly in the same place. And that’s why ships explode one after another, and the battle does not stop for a second. Themselves as the court is divided into classes, in addition, they can enhance the additional capabilities using the “card”.
And the most successful players will be able to shoot from the face Master Yoda or Darth Vader.
Having played for half an hour, I can say that, at first glance, appear to be space battles very, very cheerful, no wonder the game has a team with experience: the same people created the level of Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission for PS VR.