One Piece Review: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition

Unlike series like Dragon Ball and Naruto, however, Eviichiro Oda’s eccentric crew has the merit of truth : presenting not only fights, but also the exploration of original worlds and focusing on the introspection of the protagonists, the videogames of the series can also be very different from each other.


There is room for mousou, with the trilogy of the Pirate Warriors, for the Burning Blood style brawler, and for that more heterogeneous collector called Unlimited World Red Deluxe


. A container already old for the rhythms of today, appeared for the first time in 2013, and that Bandai Namco has decided to rejuvenate at the launch on PlayStation 4 and PC, soon on Nintendo Switch. Mission accomplished?


Variety is one of the strengths of Unlimited World Red as an action RPG, both in terms of gaming environments and the personalization of the gameplay aspects.


At the base of the title there is a conspicuous exploration factor that strengthens the idea of ​​”adventure”: the player is required to reach one island after another, examining it in every corner, sometimes rebuilding the city centers, and eliminating the enemies present until the clash with the boss on duty.


Fauna and flora change from island to island, most often according to rather dubious criteria.For example, you pass from the desert to the snow-capped mountains, from city ruins to the forest, with a disarming ease.


The intent is to offer experiences that at least always seem different. The same strategy is adopted for the enemies: marauders, navy soldiers and Caesar henchmen will fight together, spawanando simultaneously in certain areas, for no apparent reason, hiding the simple fact that in movements and attacks are always the same type of enemy changed endlessly.


In the combat phase, Unlimited World Red is going to draw, with a great simplification, to that gold mine of the Pirate Warriors combat system.


A few simple basic attacks, divided between light and heavy, will allow you to be right of every enemy. Each defeated opponent, moreover, will allow you to load energy points, useful for making devastating combinations accompanied by special scenographic cutscene.

One Piece review: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition

There are different ways of battling the bosses of the islands, which are also rather repetitive and at times more frustrating than ingenious.


Few keys to be pressed in sequence in almost QTE mode, dodges on dodges performed in record time with the pressing of the circle button, and offensive sessions in which you can give them a good reason (before time runs out), will allow you to bring home the


victory, even against the most dangerous enemy. To make the management of the crew and the fighting more technical, different abilities take place for each character

(a fortnight in all), the possibility to take with him during the exploration phases only three companions, and the battle phrases. The latter, by pressing the R1 command, can, depending on the case, invite your supporters to heal you, give you a hand to fight back, change combat technique and much more. But they must be used in moderation, under penalty of being literally speechless and unable to use them for a while.

One Piece review: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition


To get the platinum trophy of Unlimited World Red you will have to dedicate yourself to the title at least for about sixty hours. The actions to be carried out are not complex and almost all focus on cumulative actions, which will take your time away. It ranges from bringing each character to the maximum level, to the capture of a certain number of insects and fish, to the real crafting of objects and consumables. Arm yourself with patience and platinum will be yours!


If fighting and exploration are not enough to satisfy your thirst for adventure, the title still has some tricks up its sleeve to enrich the offer. RPG mechanics are also felt in what we could call a city logistics: numerous non-player characters will ask us to restore an inn here, open a pharmacy, others will have a desperate need of that particular insect that lives on the back of the village, or a rare fish. It is here that you will experience an unlikely Animal Crossing: One Piece Edition.