On Xbox Series X revealed the launch of PC games from Steam

The network has information about a new feature of the expected console Xbox Series X from the American company Microsoft, which will allow you to run PC games from the Steam service.

Some European publications have revealed a new feature of the Xbox Series X console, citing members of the Xbox Insider program who are involved in testing various Microsoft projects, Gamebomb.ru reports. According to rumors, the next generation console will receive support for the new Windows mode. It will allow you to run various applications for the operating system, including Steam launchers and Epic Games Store. This will potentially open the console owners to play all the games available in these libraries, including temporary PS4 exclusives.

Some gamers have already suggested that they will be able to play Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain on the Xbox Series X, or maybe Death Stranding with Horizon: Zero Dawn, Gamebomb.ru reports. This information for the next-generation Microsoft console no longer looks fantastic. The company has added keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One in the interface and in some games. In addition, current-generation consoles can run UWP applications available on Windows 10. Launching popular Steam and Epic Games Store lancers with an entire library of games could be the next step in combining Xbox and PC consoles into one common Microsoft ecosystem.

The Xbox Series X console will be released in late 2023. Microsoft said it plans to maintain the status of the most powerful gaming console for its device. In addition, she will receive the largest starting line of games, as she will be able to run all the games available on the Xbox One. This list will include all releases of Xbox One, as well as projects for backward compatibility with the Xbox 360 and Xbox.