Obsidian Design Director Josh Sawyer Has Played The Outer Worlds 2

During E3 2021, the studio Obsidian Entertainment announced The outer worlds 2 and showed a funky CGI trailer.

In the video, the developers with self-irony hinted that the game is not yet completely ready, and its only complete part is the logo. However, perhaps the studio was just joking.

Design Director, Obsidian Josh Sawyer shared on Twitter a list of the five most recently released games he played, and added three more unreleased titles he tested in the comments to the post.

Among them is the developer pointed out three ongoing Obsidian projects: a large fantasy RPG Avowed, his own unannounced game, which he is leading, and the sequel The outer worldsFrom this we can conclude that the game, after all, in some form already exists and is even in a playable state.

Earlier, insider and journalist Jeff Grubb said that the release of Avowed should take place sometime in 2023. Whether The Outer Worlds 2 will arrive sooner or later is unknown. There is no information about the studio’s third project yet.

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