At the beginning of last year the Polish studio Bloober Team surprised us with Layers Of Fear , a first-person horror adventure with a strong n


arrative charge, which stood out for its Victorian setting and the use of art as a leitmotiv for a good portion of tension and scares. The reception, both of the title and its expansion Inheritance was very positive both among critics and public. With a little margin of little more than a year, the Poles launch their new work, Observ


er , which has been able to build on the basis of the previous title of the independent developer to expand and take their proposal a step further with much success. The playable base has been extended with interesting additions that give more variet


y to the game, and the rhythm of it is not completely subjugated at the mercy of the narrative as it was in Layers Of Fear, giving greater freedom to the player to explore and discover on its own the mysteries that this distressing dystopian future hides.

And it is that if in the previous game of the studio the Victorian atmosphere and everything related to art was so well captured, this time they have overcome to show us on screen one of the best and most solid cyberpunk settings that we have been a


ble to enjoy in the mundillo, and that will be a true delight for the most staunch supporters of the best science fiction. Drinking brilliantly of the classics of the genre, among them that masterful Blade Runner that as we will see later lends him more than t


he inspiration for his superb setting, the distressing dystopian society that Bloober Team has built for this fantastic Observer completely submerges the player in his world and drag him into a story that completely catches him in a oppressive development full of tension and horror.

Terror reaches the digital world

Year 2084 . The city of Krakow has been devastated to its foundations by war, misery and a plague known as nanofagy that decimates the p


opulation mercilessly among those who have decided to hear the siren songs of technology to add new possibilities to their organic bodies with synthetic implants of dubious quality. Society has collapsed, and in the midst of


chaos the Chiron mega corporationTake command and rule the city with iron discipline. The separation between classes has reached its maximum expression, so that the most humble and punished part of the population lives crowded in unhealthy and sordid suburbs where vice, corruption and misery are the bread of every day. The technological career has advanced t


o unthinkable levels, allowing among other things that genetic engineering and technological advances in organic tissue lead the members of this bleak future to modify their bodies with implants and additions of various kinds. In the middle of this discouraging panorama we incarnate


the neural detective Daniel Lazarski, an old police agent who is part of the elite corps of the Chiron corporation. Known as Observer, the modifications in the bodies of these agents allow them to hack and enter the minds of the suspects , b


oth alive and dead, to unravel the mysteries of any crime they encounter. The adventure begins with Detective Lazarski receiving a


mysterious call from his son, with whom he has lost contact long ago, and going to the apartment block from where the call has been made to find out what is happening.

From that moment begins an investigation that gets complicated as the plot progresses. This plot takes place in a constant halo of surrealism , so that the diffuse line that separates reality from the digital world is passed from one side to another in a


constant way without many times being aware of it. The true triumph of this fantastic Observer is his masterful recreation of this dystopian future so devastating . It really manages to immerse us completely in the vision of  its creators, creating one of th


best and most solid cyberpunk settings that we have been able to enjoy in any  game. So successful is this ambience, that for the good amateur to thebetter science fiction justifies by itself to get the title. Without a doubt it is worth enjoying in this game just to get soaked of this superb staging of a near futu


re not encouraging. As in the previous Bloober title, terror is a protagonist of the game, so it keeps us constantly


in tension , with an oppressive and disconcerting atmosphere , which almost always suggests more than shows, it manages to keep us alert and with nerves to the surface during a good part of the adventure. In terms of duration, t


he main plot is about 5 hours , which can go to something more than double if we are dedicated to solve the optional framesor look for the collectibles present in the game. The title has some correct subtitles in Spanish , so the language will not be an obstacle to enjoy its complex and attractive plot.

Observer (PC) screenshot