Not only a sequel, but also a remaster are made for Vertigo – review

Gemdesigner and musician Zac Ciacalis-Brown announcedthat is working on a remaster of an adventure game for virtual reality Vertigo. And even showed the first trailer of the gameplay, although it is still far from complete.

Take on the update of the game, released in 2016, studio Zulubo productions decided for a reason. The creators of Vertigo in 2023 are going to release its sequel, Vertigo 2. And technical improvements for both game mechanics and the virtual reality devices themselves will affect Vertigo Remastered.

The creators are going to completely revise the original game, adding new systems to it, improving the design of levels, enemies and bosses. All game owners will receive Vertigo Remastered for free.

Meanwhile, already demo available Vertigo 2, in which we have to start our journey back from the reactor. And the strange stranger who saved the hero’s life will help in this. The game supports Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality devices.