Norman Reedus: Negotiations on the creation of Death Stranding 2 are already underway

Actor Norman Reeduswho played the main character Death stranding Sam Porter Bridges, said that negotiations are currently underway to create sequel.

The star of the series “The Walking Dead” told the Brazilian entertainment portal about this. Adorocinema (partner site IGN Brazil) as part of The Walking Dead Season 11 discussion.

“I think we will do Death Stranding 2. Negotiations are underway [об этом]… So … Hurray! “- said Norman Reedus in an interview with AdoroCinema.

The second part of Death Stranding has not yet been officially confirmed, but back in December 2019 Hideo Kojima said that if he did start producing a sequel with Reedus, he would start from scratch.

Kojima Productions is currently completing development Death Stranding: Director’s Cut – improved and expanded re-release of the original game for Playstation 5… Its release will take place already 24 september… According to rumors, Kojima is now also in talks about a partnership with Microsoft

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