No ads, but demand is growing: The Last Night hit the top 40 most coveted games on Steam

Developer Tim Soret summed up the year for the studio Odd tales, which is developing a stylish 2.5D platformer The last nightpresented to the public at E3 2017.

During this time, many events took place, including those unpleasant for the team of creators. So, users of social networks attacked Soret for old publications criticizing feminism and opponents Gamegateafter which he hastily apologized. At the same time, The Last Night still does not have a release date, as due to funding problems the plans have been revised.

Despite this, the project is still interesting to gamers. According to Tim Soret, 250 thousand users Steam added The Last Night to the wish lists, which allowed him to get into the top 40 most coveted games.

Most of all, the developers were surprised by the dynamics. The team of creators is now in silent mode, and only the announcement trailer from E3 2017 is available from advertising.

However, demand is only growing: in December, an average of 300 people daily added The Last Night to their wish lists. If you monetize the results, even by rough estimates the game will bring Odd Tales more than four million dollars (after paying the Valve commission) only at the expense of the PC.

“This, combined with millions of trailer views on different channels, shows investors that The Last Night’s multi-million dollar budget is safe and viable,” Soret summed up, thanking players for their interest.

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