Nippon Ichi Software has published the opening adventure of the Bokuhime Project – review

Company Nippon Ichi Software in 2023 going to release adventure game Bokuhime project (“The project” My Princess “”). And the players were shown the opening video, in which the main characters of the comedy with changing clothes appear and the song performed by them sounds.

In the story, an ordinary guy Minato learns that his older sister fell into a coma after an unknown incident. Four beauties, the “princesses” of the women’s academy, know what happened. To find out the truth, Minato disguises herself as a girl and pretends to be a new student, Eric Ikusu.

The local princesses do not want to deal with anyone, so Minato Erica has a lot of work to do to win their attention and location. This will serve as physical exercises, swimming lessons and etiquette, cosplay classes and other entertainment.

During the passage of Minato to deal with a number of tests, which are called the Bokuhime Project. Visual lessons will improve the look of Erica, Culture will help Minato better understand how girls feel, and Spirit will teach how to deal with shyness.

The Bokuhime Project will be released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on April 23, 2023. So far, western localization has not been confirmed.