Nintendo sells 3.3 million Switch in France, all copies of Ring Fit Adventure disassembled

Nintendo reported that she was able to collectively sell 3.3 million consoles in France Switch. And 2019 was the most successful for the regional branch of the Japanese company, despite the fact that the period turned out to be difficult for the European video game market.

“In 2019 alone, we sold 1.25 million Switch,” said the head Nintendo france Philippe Lavue.

In 2018, 1.1 million systems were implemented. Concerning Nintendo Switch Lite, then its sales are not disclosed, but Lavoue clarified that the new audit took third place in sales, ahead of Xbox one. At the same time, the console is popular with young people who buy it with a copy Pokémon sword or Pokémon shield.

Switch Lite is also bought by the owners of the premium version of the console, considering the revision as an ideal option for traveling. However, the main volume of Christmas sales still fell exactly on the standard Switch.

Nintendo also shared statistics. Thus, a hybrid console is available in 11% of households in France. At the same time, 30% of the owners of the system are women – the company expects the numbers to grow after the release Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Sales data for some games for 2019 is also presented:

  • Pokémon sword and shield – 650 thousand copies;
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 502 thousand copies;
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 – 392 thousand copies;
  • Ring fit adventure – 120 thousand copies, all stocks are sold out.

In the annual French game chart, games for the Nintendo Switch took 10 lines out of 20.

In total, Nintendo planned to sell 3 million Switch in France by the end of 2019. As a result, she was able to surpass the result by 300 thousand copies.

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