Ninja Theory: Hellblade II talks about creating myths, gods and religion through suffering

Studio Ninja theory now working on three projects at once, but most of the gamers’ attention is focused on the game Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, which is created with an eye on a new generation console Xbox Series X. Creative Director in New Developer Diary Tamim Antoniades decided to tell about what the sequel to their indie game will be made on the patterns of the AAA project.

If the original is devoted to a personal understanding of the psychosis of the main character, then the continuation should develop this topic. Ninja Theory wants to demonstrate how madness and suffering affect the formation of myths, gods and religions. Senua’s Saga will be a gaming experience comparable to the epic tales of the past.

After going under the wing Microsoft the studio can afford to double the staff. But it still does not reach the size of companies engaged in high-budget IP.

Antoniades wants to prove to everyone that even small teams can achieve great results using procedural generation technologies and smart tools in their work. Apparently, now about 40 people are working on Hellblade II, while on Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice 20 employees worked somewhere.

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