Nidhogg 2

Nidhogg (ancient Scand Níðhǫggr.) – Scandinavian mythology one of several great kites (along with Jörmungandr, Fáfnir etc.) Lying in the well Hvergelmir and gnawing one of Yggdrasil roots. It also consumes adulterers and perjurers, and vile murderers.

In 2014, the world saw the game Nidhogg , inspired imperishable classics Great Swordsman . Nidhogg looked like a ghost from the past. Extremely modestly decorated both visually and in terms of sound, the game, however, tightens and, though not for long, but fascinated with his head.

Nidhogg 1

Nidhogg 1 – unique original!

August 15 on your PC (in Steam) and Playstation 4, the release of the second part of the game. Changes in the visual component in Nidhogg 2 visible immediately, but the evolution touched only design and music. Everything else was lovingly transferred from the first game.

Yes, everything remains in place, your goal – to reach the end of the level, which consists of several rooms simultaneously destroying appearing in your way opponents, not to let them do the same at the end of the level of surrender to be eaten that same Nidhogg. One hit – one death.

Nidhogg.2 Screenshot 2017.08.24 -

Let there be a battle!

Now we have the opportunity to choose the appearance of your character. But do not think that making himself Conan the Barbarian. You do not care one way or another, will freak – so conceived. However, the character gains a match for the world around them, and it all looks quite harmoniously. A big step up from the one-color silhouettes of the first part of the game.

Nidhogg.2 Screenshot 2017.08.24 -

Character Customization – one of Nidhogg 2 innovations.

In Nidhogg 2 also increased the number of arms. There is a rapier, sword, dagger and a bow. Each weapon its own characteristics, so it is not just a set of pixels. This introduces a certain variety in the game. After each death you are reborn with a different type of weapon and have to make minor adjustments to your fighting style. Although, in Nidhogg 2 , as in the first part, you need to count the timing and cunning, in our opinion, the game is much simpler with bots, but the dynamics are not lost.

In place of the minimalist design of the levels of the first game came numerous colorful imagination of the developer is another major difference between the second part of the original Nidhogg . Now the battle held in castles, caves and forests. Rubites you on the dance floor, in the clouds, to the rainbow and the Beast Within. All locations are filled with colorful design and, of course, not weak creativity.

Nidhogg.2 Screenshot 2017.08.24 -

Sleepwalk local design has no limits …

A joint project of the game adds many hours of fun. Especially the local coop with support for up to 8 players, which makes Nidhogg 2 at this fan in the company of friends and girlfriends.

Nidhogg.2 Screenshot 2017.08.24 -

By the way, about a variety of levels …

Single player burns faster than a sparkler. On the single-player campaign, even a beginner will spend half an hour, so that the oversaturated igry during this time will be strongly difficult. But the multiplayer – is another matter. A joint project of the game adds many hours of fun. Especially the local coop with support for up to 8 players, which makesNidhogg 2 at this fan in the company of friends and girlfriends. Thus, we conclude …

Nidhogg 2 – is a project for parties. Enjoy the game with your friends you get – that’s for sure. So if you often gather at the people, the Nidhogg 2 – excellent choice for the cheerful company.

So our verdict …