News from the Paris Game Week in What’s Up October 29 – November 4

It was definitely a lively week, just days after the Xbox One X debut , the one that accompanies us on the 2017 weekend. Let’s look back at all the latest news from Paris Games Week to the impact of Super Mario Odyssey  on the market.


News of the week
We’re just opening the front of the Nintendo Switch  because Nintendo has officially released its console sales data. Data comes to September 30th and it’s about 7.63 million units sold  since launch in March. These are very remarkable numbers, as they arrive before the release of Super Mario Odyssey  and other exclusive expectations – such as the future Pokémon  and Metroid , to name a few.


The previous Nintendo Wii U, in addition, throughout its life cycle, it stopped at about 13.56 million units, according to the latest data. The premise for a great commercial success, in short, there are all, and in the inexhaustible encounter with investors, President Tatsumi Kimishima has also said that there are new developments for the future of Switch, which will be announced in 2018 . We look forward to discovering what you might be talking about.

Dragging the console is undoubtedly also the already mentioned Super Mario Odyssey, which in the first three days on the market sold two million copies . These numbers are so important that Nintendo, through its social channels, has made it known that no Mario  in the history of the series had ever sold so much so quickly . If the good morning is seen from the morning, it seems that Nintendo has gone the right way.

With Switch and its exclusive data, we can also add SNES Mini , which is in turn a commercial success: the Nintendo console, the company said, has exceeded 1.7 million units shipped to stores , confirming further that gamers love the products that squeeze the eye to nostalgia and the great classics of the past.

We close the Nintendo theme section to report that the Rocket League Release Date  on the Nintendo Switch has been officially released . If you want to play the game on your virtual machine, the appointment is scheduled for 14 November next .



Meanwhile, PlayStation 4  has been the protagonist of the week, especially at the Paris Games Week conference. First of all, Sony has officially announced that the console now has 67.5 million units worldwide , a huge and extremely solid installed base, to which it now addresses with exclusive exclusive gaming.
As for the conference, on our site you can


find the complete replica where you can review the most important trailers presented in Paris. To make the spot quick, Spider-Man  does not yet have a release date apart from a vague “2018”, but has been the protagonist of a new video . It is also identical to God of War , which will, as we already know, come to the beginning of 2018. It is scheduled to be replaced by Shadow of the Colossus , expected on PS4 for next February 6, as revealed by the new video coming from Paris .

Particularly clear is the new video of Detroit Become Human , with Quantic Dream playing at home, in France: the trailer shows all the different ways a certain scene could take based on player decisions and was welcomed with great attention also because it deals with the theme of domestic violence. Given that some overseas colleagues condemned certain topics in video gam


es, David Cage wanted to reiterate that a video game is legitimate as a movie or book to tackle certain themes. The author also pointed out that he did not decide to talk about domestic violence, but said he wanted to deal with issues that particularly affect him, and he hopes to touch the player’s sensitivity as well.



The other great star of the conference was undoubtedly The Last of Us – Part II , which in turn is the protagonist of a new video and in turn the protagonist of controversy triggered by the usual rumors of violent content. For this reason, Sony’s Jim Ryan wanted to recall that the new Naughty Dog adventure is designed for age-old audiences, so it looks strange to be


astonished in front of content that, incredible but true, is therefore addressed to older people . Obviously, it’s a toto-name with regard to the mysterious video fighter woman, who does not yet have an identity and on which fans are unleashed with theories. For now, the most fancied hypothesis she wants to be E

llie’s mother, but these are details that have not been confirmed by Naughty Dog, so take them with the pliers.
The team, for its part, has said that nowadays all employees are only working on The Last of Us – Part II , so development is under way . We obviously expect to find out if this will result in a bit more frequent news over the coming months.

Among other news from the conference, we also remember Guacamelee! 2 , followed by the crazy metroidship  of DrinkBox Studios, which will come on PlayStation 4 “soon”. We did not know whether, in the future, it will also launch on other platforms.
Also mention is the Ghost of T

sushima announcement , the new Sucker Punch IP set in feudal Japan, which will be developed keeping in mind the potential of PS4 Pro. Considering that the game is signed by the authors of InFamous , it seems legitimate to wait a bit ‘of pyrotechnics. As always, keep track of SpazioGames  so you do not miss any news.

We close with statements by Jim Ryan, Sony’s executive in Europe, who was questioned on the arrival of Xbox One X , set for November 7: Ryan described the Microsoft console’s specifications interesting , but he was told that the exclusive PS4 make the

difference compared to the computing console’s power rating. We will see what consumers will think in the coming months. Meanwhile, Ryan himself said that PS4 Pro was a great success and it is not excluded that in the future, Sony can use the same commercial model, namely the arrival of a mid-gen console for a new PlayStation . To stay in the theme, however, PS5  seems still far away, as the manager announced that Sony would never launch PS4 Pro for only 12 months.