Amazon Publishes New World Soundtrack and Music Creation Video – Igromania

Amazon published the original soundtrack of the upcoming MMORPG New world, and also shared a video about the creation of musical accompaniment.

Ramin Javadi (Game of thrones, Gears 5) and Brandon Campbell (Gears of War 4). The composers were recruited early in the production, so creating a soundtrack for a world that had not yet formed was exciting for them. They had to take inspiration from costume designs, landscapes and flowers.

The musical theme “Eternum” was one of the first compositions on which Javadi and Campbell worked – it was in it that they tried to convey the general mood and atmosphere of the game world. The composers also paid attention to other topics, elaborating on their creation.

At the end of the video, the head of the audio department spoke about how the sounds for the game were recorded. It is also known that three unique languages ​​were created for New World with their own grammar – each contains 4 thousand words.

The original soundtrack consists of 35 tracks. Recall that New World is preparing to release on September 28 on the PC.

Roller and creation of musical accompaniment

Original soundtrack