New videos on the series The Witcher dedicated to Geralt, Yennifer and Ciri

Streaming Service Netflix published three new series commercials The Witcherin which actors Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan present their characters – Geralt of Rivia, Jennifer of Wengerberg and Princess Cyril.

Cavill begins by saying that witches are mutants trained to kill monsters. Almost everyone hates them, so they are rarely funny and optimistic. However, Geralt, despite the harsh appearance, is a good person.

Because of mutations, witches are able to take elixirs that not only change them externally, but also increase speed and endurance, as well as exacerbate feelings. As for the witcher signs, Cavill calls them simple, but effective magic.

The serial Geralt is both a knight on a white horse and a stern monster hunter. It is rumored that the witches have no emotions, but Geralt retained the ability to love. In addition, he does not believe in fate, but believes that there is good in people. According to Cavill, all this makes Geralt an interesting character. [/ embed]

Yennifer, whose prehistory the authors of the series also intend to devote some time, is in constant struggle with himself. She was born a hunchback, so her father sold her to a sorceress. However, it is fear and self-doubt that make Yennifer so powerful.

Princess Cyril, in turn, is very stubborn, naive and devoted to those she loves. She spent her whole life under guardianship, so she lacks experience. In one night, Ciri loses everything she had. According to her dying grandmother, Queen Calante, the only hope is to find Geralt from Rivia.

The first season of The Witcher premieres on December 20 at Netflix. [/ embed] [/ embed]