New Vegas introduced a new gameplay video – review

Modification Development Team Fallout 4: New Vegaswhich carries Fallout: New Vegas to the engine Fallout 4, introduced a new gameplay trailer for his project. In it, the authors showed a character named Oliver Suenik, who is probably familiar to fans of role-playing from Obsidian entertainment.

Oliver Suenik is an escaped prisoner and a member of the Demoman gang, who was captured by the Legion detachment in Nipton, along with NKR soldiers and residents. As a result, the legionnaires staged a lottery, the winner of which was released, and the rest were executed or taken into slavery.

This winner was Oliver. That is why she is so joyful when a player first meets him. In the latest video, you can see not only the new character model and the new dialogue interface, but also hear Oliver’s new voice, as it is voiced by another actor.

Recall that the authors of Fallout 4: New Vegas will not only transfer all the original tasks, plot and content from Fallout: New Vegas to the Fallout 4 engine, but also add additional gameplay elements, as well as systems of the new and improved Creation Engine.

The release date for Fallout 4: New Vegas is still unknown.

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