New Story on Old Rails: Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review

Destiny 2 is confidently positioned as one of the premier shooters on the new generation of consoles and looks pretty darn good. The project recently received a patch for PS5 and Xbox Series Xwhich allows you to play in full 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, and in online PvP at 120 FPS. Most of the content Destiny 2 today it is free – developers ask to pay only for DLC and large expansions, and the newest of them will be discussed in this review.

Beyond Light Is a huge addon that dramatically shreds and changes the game in every sense. Like the previous autumn updates, the new one added a lot of locations, loot, strikes and raids, but most importantly, Beyond Light greatly affects the plot and lore of the brainchild Bungie

The main theme of the add-on was the influence of darkness on the world Destiny… Previously, little was known about her – we were only explained that she was a danger to the guards and the wanderer. Questions also raised the ships in the form of pyramids, somehow associated with darkness. At the end of Destiny 2, they fly into the solar system, and in the Shadowkeep expansion we are trying to even interact with one. But the topic of darkness was not really revealed.

Several planets of the solar system have disappeared from the map. Guardians notice strange activity on Europa, Jupiter’s moon. There the fallen ones became active, who seize the forces of darkness under the leadership of Eramis in order to destroy the guards and the wanderer. Our main character sets out to meet the villainess. His task is to subdue the forces of darkness in order to repel it and prevent the fall of the fallen on Earth.

The plot, unfortunately, does not try to surprise. It’s completely linear and predictable – in the spirit of past additions. The whole action unfolds once again according to the same scenario. We arrive at a new unexplored location, see the main villain, mobilize with our comrades-in-arms and stock up on loot, fight back. Next, the stage of the late game begins, in which we prepare for the raid, go through it and knock out the most interesting and rare items in the game. However, it should be noted that the storytelling in Beyond Light has become a little more interesting. Throughout all story missions, we speak directly to Eramis and Variks (who is now our ally). And in this way, the first one literally tells us about her motivation, about the history of the fallen, about darkness, new locations and new abilities. As we explore Europe, we also learn more about the history of the Exo race. After all, even from the first part of Destiny, it was known that her homeland was in Europe. Play, gently plunging into the lore of Destiny 2 in a way that is much more enjoyable. Indeed, earlier such detailed information could only be obtained from cards with descriptions that opened in the menu.

The center of the gameplay in the new add-on is Europe – the satellite is presented in the form of a huge frozen location. This place looks very fresh and incredibly beautiful. Bungie’s visuals are one of the best in the industry, and the developers prove it once again. Explore icy deserts and caves, the buildings of the famous Golden Age scholar Clovis Bray I, and the buildings of the fallen.

In Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the Cosmodrome returned – a location from the first Destiny, and almost unchanged. New Guardians now start the game here, completely ignoring the story arcs of previous expansions and the original Destiny 2 storyline, “like the good old.” The cosmodrome evokes feelings of nostalgia among loyal fans. Several story quests will take place here, as well as one modified old strike. However, there is simply nothing more to do at the location – adding it to the game is more like a hack, it seems like an attempt to fill the players’ time with second-rate, already familiar content.