New PlayStation 5 Exclusive: Abandoned Announced, Cinematic Survival Simulator With Horror Elements

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Independent game studio Blue Box Game Studios officially announced Abandoned – new cinematic survival simulator with horror elements, created exclusively for the console Playstation 5

The debut demonstration of the project can be found below.:

“The plot of the game tells the story of Jason Longfield, who wakes up in a forest unknown to him. The hero, abandoned and deprived of his memory, comes to the conclusion that he has been kidnapped and is in danger. Now the struggle for survival is Jason’s only chance for salvation.” it says in the project description.

Abandoned focuses on realistic survival elements and combat systems. For example, if you run for a long time, the character may run out of breath, which will negatively affect his ability to accurately aim. In turn, the skirmishes promise to be very intense – the developers note that only one accurate shot can separate from the victory or defeat of the hero.

To implement everything conceived in Abandoned team Blue Box Game Studios plans to make the most of all sides of the PlayStation 5 console. Developers promise impressive visuals with support for 60 frames per second at 4K resolutionas well as the integration of all the key features of the gamepad DualSense and technology 3D sound

Release Abandoned should take place at the end of this year… The developers should submit the first full-fledged gameplay presentation of the project in the near future.

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