New Mass Effect revealed by BioWare

Company Bioware remembered one of its most significant and popular series of Mass Effect games among gamers, the last part of which was not accepted as warmly by the fans as the original trilogy, and hinted at Mass effect 4 or something different.

The official account of the BioWare game development studio made a new mysterious publication in which users found a hint of Mass Effect 4, reports. Besides the hashtag MassRelays and almost two-minute video, there is nothing in it. The video itself is an intro to the first part of the Mass Effect franchise. The short text describes how humanity discovered the remains of an ancient cosmic civilization on Mars in 2148. Mysterious artifacts have opened to people new technologies that allowed them to make interstellar travels. After the introduction, the cover of the first game in the Mass Effect series appears, which remains unchanged for more than a minute. The screensaver and poster are accompanied by the main musical theme of the series.

Fans of Mass Effect immediately decided that this publication hid some secret message from the developers, reports. Among the versions, of course, there was an idea of ​​a hint of a new Mass Effect 4 franchise game. After the not very successful Mass Effect: Andromeda game, fans are looking forward to returning the series to its roots. Many fans believe that this publication does not hint at a continuation of the series, but at a remaster of the first part or a remaster of the entire trilogy. Many of them would like to see the updated game on modern platforms. Skeptical fans did not see any hints at all. However, they do not want any Mass Effect 4, since many of the creators of the first game have long left BioWare Studio.

The first Mass Effect game was released in 2007. The game quickly gained popularity and became a cult, due to which two more parts were later released. After the completion of the trilogy, the new Mass Effect: Andromeda game was released in 2017, but most fans did not like it. In addition, the game suffered from technical problems. There is no official information about Mass Effect 4 yet.