New Hearthstone PvE Add-On Launches Galacrond Announced

Company Blizzard announced a new PvE add-on for Hearthstonedubbed “Awakening Galacrond“It will be released on January 21 and bring 24 challenging battles and 35 new maps to the game. Players can pre-order the entire Galacrond Awakening adventure and add cards from the classic gold set to his Hearthstone collection.

The plot of the adventure covers two campaigns: in one player, they will take the side of the Evil League and help supervillain Rafaam resurrect the ancestor of the dragons Galacrond, and in the other, lead the brave heroes of the Explorers’ League in a battle with villains and save the world.

The supplement consists of four parts, which will be released in turn every week from January 21. Each of the parts includes two chapters – one for the League of EVIL and the League of Explorers, so that eight chapters will enter the adventure. Chapters can be purchased separately for 399 rubles or 700 gold, as well as all together in the form of a package for 1099 rubles. The first chapter, entitled “Battle on the Ice Bank”, will be released on January 21, and all players will be able to go through an EVL League campaign in the first chapter for free and receive cards as a reward. For a limited time, all pre-ordered adventures will receive a golden classic set of cards as a gift.

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