New Batman: Arkham game shown on new teasers

The developers of the new Batman game in the Batman Arkham franchise after a long time published a new teaser of their project, excited fans. Fans believe that the long-awaited official announcement of the new project may take place very soon.

According to, the company Warner bros Interactive published new teasers for its Batman project, and did so in an unusual way. The developers posted three different images on their social accounts Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, clearly wanting the fans to try to solve a new riddle and put the teasers together. In addition, a new logo in three parts, the developers have accompanied the inscription Capture the Knight (Capture the Knight), which is a reference to Batman, known as the Dark Knight.

According to previous leaks, the new game is supposedly called Batman: Arkham Crisis or Batman: Arkham Legacy, and it will be devoted to the criminal organization Court of Owls, and players will be able to play for all characters from the Batman family, including Robin and Batgerl, but so far this information has not been officially confirmed. It is known that Warner Bros Montreal, who released the game, is working on the new Batman Arkham game. Batman: Arkham Origins, not the creators of the series Rocksteady Studioswho are reportedly working on another DC superhero comic book project.

The official announcement of the new game Batman: Arkham Legacy should take place in the coming months, and the game itself may be released this year. It is not yet known for which platforms the expected project is being developed, reports.