Netflix Witcher Finals Won’t Be Different From Books – review

Showranner “The witcher“Lauren Hissrich in a recent interview spoke about how the team of the series plans to end the story of Geralt, Ciri and Yennifer. The question arose in the light of the negative around the final season. “Game of Thrones“.

According to Hissirich, the creators of the project intend to adhere to the original source of Andrzej Sapkowski, without going beyond the boundaries of existing books.

Andrzej Sapkowski made a natural ending and, as it seems to me, while we stick to it, everything will be fine.

Lauren Hissrich

Apparently, as previously reported, Netflix is ​​not going to remove the adaptation of the video games CD Projekt RED, which continued the plot of Sapkowski, although the writer constantly denied the virtual heritage of his compatriots.

How did the book saga end?

Geralt tries to calm the angry crowd, but after he decides not to kill one of the townspeople in a fit of mercy, he inflicts a mortal wound on his chest with a fork. At the last moment, Yennifer appears, who unsuccessfully tries to save the witcher, herself being on the verge of death.

In the end, Ciri sends a couple to the Island of apple trees, where they will always be together.

However, CD Project games continue these events …

The beginning of the first “The Witcher”

Geralt, who has lost his memory, runs through the forest, after which he faints and wakes up in Kaer-Morkhen among his acquaintances.

In December, Hissrich confirmed that she was not going to adapt the plot of the games in the series, since they themselves had partially become adaptation – a number of stories of the same first “The Witcher” cite books. Globally, games still move the plot, although it mostly happens in “Wild hunt“.

The second season of the series will be released in 2023.