Need For Speed: Payback, EA racing review

The Three of Ave Maria
Need For Speed: Payback , as well as the huge amount of racing games, wants to focus on a lightweight and not too demanding story, on the horror of movies like Fast and Furious , Out in 60 Seconds and the big blockbusters of the genre. At the heart of the affa
ir, we find three well-diversified and distinguished business drivers and associates, with features that are reflected in the driving style and, therefore, on the categories of cars that each of them will be destined to drive. Tyler Morgan is the ace of speed, the one you will use for the thematic races; Sean “Mac” McAlister is the leader of the
leap, while Jess Miller is considered the queen of the escape.
After the prologue, the three will have to literally get back on track, look for vengeance and kick off the Loggia , a ruthless criminal organization that exercises control over the casinos, race performance and even policemen.
The structure of Need for Speed: Paybackprovides groups of events divided into categories, where you have to beat different factions before
coming to the clash with the heads and having the best in head to head. Along the freely explore map, you will have to reach the points that mark Race, Derapata, Offroad, Acceleration and Escape races, without forgetting the great amount of secondary targets and th
e search for parts of the cathars that will take you far beyond the fifteen hour game. When you finish the macro categories of missions, you will be unloc
ked a link to the main story, and so on until you get to the conclusion. If you want to get one hundred percent of the game, arm yourself with patience and goodwill, because among the collectors scattered along Fortune Valley, optional activities and multiplayer sessions,
In & Out
The progression of the game, after the first easy step, is somewhat slower, complicated by a somewhat arduous difficulty and the ugly shadow of the ever-present microtransmissions (for those who want to burn the stages and not only). The latter
are not invasive, but it is useless to deny that their presence, in addition to annoying the players, causes some lengths that could have been avoided. We refer in particular to the need to always have good money liquidity to buy new cars a
nd boosters to get to level and make the most affordable races: it will inevitably have to choose between one or the other, since in order to make your own competitive betting, you have to have Speed ​​Cards available, that is, the cards associated with the mos
t performing parts that improve the performance. These cards are acquired by winning the races, but also by spending three coins at a time to be able to play a slot machine and hope that fate will give you a useful part to mount, otherwise you can sell it or swap it for a token. One only.
So where is the glimpse of the introduction of this practice so much disproved by the users, but in truth we have never really felt obliged to spend real money to accelerate the growth process. However, it is compulsory to grind and repeat more than once a rac
e to increase your finances and shorten the distance between you and rival drivers, but in this case you can not be sure to have a huge advantage as you notice a certain “effect elastic “, which ideally tends to shorten the distance between the race level and yours. This is why, sometimes, you will be able to overcome miserable passages despite good driving behavior.
Despite this, and we really want to clarify it, Ghost Games has been careful to maintain a fair balance and a tolerance threshold that does not weigh too much either the presence of microtransmissions or the unjustified aggression of artificial intelligence. However, it remains the stain of a truly viable marketing choice for users.
Need For Speed: Payback, EA racing review
The state-of-the-art arcade driving style is simple and satisfying, with the fun-loving system and the car’s behavior varying by category and definitely less depending on the terrain it runs. On the other hand, Need for Speed: Payback does not aspire to anything more than the immediacy and speed sensation, well-transmitted and without ever giving the unpleasant feeling that the most powerful cars are uncontrollable.
But Need for Speed ​​is also synonymous with great personalization, tuning and the most extreme and unregulated pimping. In this chapter Ghost Games has pushed a lot on this, giving users the ability to indulge as they prefer and to modify almost all parts of the vehicle, making it unique, exaggerated and arrogant. If you want to be the most pessimistic of Fortune Valley or make yourself
known during online scams, you will in short be spoiled for choice.
Technically, the Frostbite Engine gives a certain degree of solidity and performance in terms of frame rates never falls, however pop-in and pop-up phenomena are frequent, and during our trial we also stumbled into some ugly bugs forced us to resume a couple of missions. More generally, it is not advisable to go a bit too far beyond the playing areas, as it may happen to be staggered between the rocks.
Good on the artistic performance of the city, with well-diversified macro areas and the opportunity to walk through the mountain roads of Mount Providence, semidermic areas or admire the sunset from Silver Canyon.