NBA Playgrounds

During games we can activate tremendous bonuses and the only thing that should concern us is the chronometer, because there are no rules or penalties. Queen the push, both online and local games as solo. But, look, because here we find the first great p


eculiarity of the game: unlike NBA Jam, Playgrounds does not let us abuse the pushes. In fact, we can not abuse any movement in general (races, address changes, basket jumps, etc.). The energy bar that sits on the interface below our players is easily exhausted if we do it.


If your last reference basketball game is an NBA 2K , surely this feature will seem common, but it is true that at first it may seem that it lim


its our freedom too much to do the crazy thing. On the one hand, it influences the feeling that unlike Jam, it seems slower, but, on the other hand, in this way the player is forced to decide each play better. If we go for a spectacular mate, we can risk being capped and left in shorts on the counterattack for lack of resistance.


The use of bonuses depends on a meter that is filled with our actions. If we make a plug, block an attacker or make a mate or a very beast shot, we can fill it faster. By having the gauge warm, a bonus is prepared among all those that we have access to randomly. I


n general they usually guarantee that the following moves are more favorable to us: double punctuation, elimination of the energy bar temporarily or, for example, a flaming ball that enters yes or yes. You can not say that these bonuses are too powerful because, after all, their appearance is random.



Candid display basket

When it comes to controlling the game itself, there are a number of issues to consider. The first thing is that to make the shots t

here is a mechanics based on the time of pressing the button . That is to say, if we let it go too quickly or too late, we missed the shot or the mate (although, usually, the mates are easier, because time slows down). If we release the button a
t the exact moment, we can get an extra point for perfect shot; something that also happens when we score the first basket of the game. I mean, if we hit a perfect tripleAt the beginning of the game we can award 5 points.
The penalty of this system is that the game does not offer the possibility of practicing without ligatures to get used to it. There is a tutorial mode, but it is not intended for it.


NBA Playgrounds analysis

NBA Playgrounds seeks to imitate the essence of NBA Jam, but falls short by introducing mechanics that do not fit so well.

Another detail that shows the slower pace of NBA Playgrounds with regard to Jam is that after each basket there is a small pause un


til the service is made. The game forces us to wait until the team that has starred in the basket retires to their field. This system would not bother us so much if it were not because it is not always agile . It is very normal that after a movi


dito mate some of the protagonists is lagging in that part of the court. Until they finish their animation and return to their area, you can not continue. For a game that tries to be fast and dynamic, this causes inappropriate rhythm changes.


NBA Playgrounds PC

For a game that tries to be fast and dynamic, this causes inappropriate rhythm changes

Apart from playing in the exhibition mode , we can perform solo tournaments against pairs predefined by the game. There are s

ix tournaments made up of four parties each. Each tournament takes place on a court located at a point different from the world. Playing in this mode is the most direct way to unlock content. Each completed tournament allows us t
o play again on that court in exhibition mode and gives us a special card envelope. In addition, in each game of each tournament there is a challenge that we can try to overcome. The challenges are in the line of dunk a certain number of triples, make as many
plugs or use the bonuses several times. It is good to give dynamism to each game, but the prize is nothing more than a ball of another color, so beyond the desire to collect, we find no compelling reasons to obsess about these challenges.


NBA Playgrounds

In the two against two, NBA Playgrounds works, but the lack of game modes and the peculiarities in the mechanics detract from it.

In NBA Playgrounds we can control more than 200 stars of the NBA, both of the current panorama and classic. They are unlocked at random by opening the envelopes we get by beating tournaments or by leveling up. Some of these players


have the category of “Epic” or “Legendary”, which refers to their fame, more than anything. It is a very laborious unlocking system, but at least the word “microtransaction” is off the table. In addition, opening each envelope has something very rew


arding that collectors will appreciate. When we already have a player and we find his card again, experience is added to the original player. This is something that is also achieved by playing. When leveling we can unlock new movements, but it is a passive system. Simply, the players we use the most begin to perform brutal mates,we can not activate directly .