NBA 2K17

Fortunately for all of us who love basketball, this series is one of the best we can find today in the category of sports games. And it is thanks to the good work made over the years by the developers of Visual Concepts , true experts in the field.


NBA 2K17 reaches almost all current desktop formats (except Wii U) retaining the qualities that have made it great in recent years, being a fairly conservative but also, as outstanding as expected.


As we all took it for granted, and being a licensed game of the NBA, the first thing you need to discuss is its official nature. And is that while all fans know perfectly that NBA 2K17 (as previous deliveries) has updated templates , royal pavilions and al


l the paraphernalia that you can imagine, it is good to remember. Therefore and in summary, you can wait for Pau Gasol playing in Texas, Kevin Durant teaming with Curry and Thompson or our Sergio Rodriguez reappearing in the league, in the Philadelphia Sixers this time. Everything perfect in this case.



Universe of possibilities

On the other hand and when it’s time to play, again the video game invites us to participate in a number of game modes that can be intimidating at first, and more for those new players in the series. Friendly matches, Play Offs, Pro-Am, MiParque, or the famous MyTeam are some of your options, but there are many more.


NBA 2K17 analysis

As a very curious detail, this time we wanted to give a very important importance to the shoes of the players. It makes you want to buy all!

The most interesting of all? Well one of the most striking is again MiCarrera , which tells us a kind of interactive story in which our goal is to


reach the elite of the world basketball. We must build a future with our player created from scratch (we can scan our face if we wish), sign contracts, overcome personal challenges and leave behind several rivals of the institute.


All in order to reach the Hall of Fame. This edition of this great individual game mode may have lost quite a lot in drama compared to what was offered last year in the Spike Lee production, but on the other hand it has gained a lot of fun and, above all, flexibility. In th


is way, the decisions we make in this modality end up affecting the development of our sports career in a more noticeable way, something that has satisfied us a lot. In general we liked it more, but we assume that depends on tastes.



NBA 2K17

As a detail that we also wanted to point out, the actor Michael B. Jordan has been in charge of giving life to the inseparable companion of our player, Justice Young. And is not the only actor known to appear in this mode, as others like Matt Wal


sh are also seen in what secondary roles. Even Kobe Bryant makes an appearance. In short, this option is really great and all those who want to take a look can do so for free downloading the demo The Prelude from PSN or Xbox Live.


As for the subject of micro-transactions, these are present once again in this simulator. We can use them both in My Team and, also, to imp


rove the skills of our player in MiCarrera faster. From our point of view and although it is ideal that they disappear from this last option, it is also true that they are not too intrusive, although the balance between paying or not to evolve has room for improvement.


We also do not want to forget the always extraordinary MiGM modality (General Manager), which invites us to take on the life of the bosses o


f the offices and make the decisions that we believe are appropriate for our favorite franchise. And that includes from choosing the players of the Draft to make the pertinent highs and lows or to raise trainings. A mode so paused and absorbing as really extensive.


As always with this title and with most similar sports simulators, you have game for many months. And more if you squeeze its sensational online , which behaves more solvent than ever and has evolved in some game modes, expanding the number of players in some cases.


Small, playable changes



More importance has been attached to the manual control of certain actions, such as dribbling or cross overs

Focusing now on the merely playable part, NBA 2K17 has maintained the master line followed by this saga for many years in terms of handling,

disposition and rhythm of the game. But as expected, certain modifications have also been established, although none of them is revolutionary at all.


One of the ones that are going to give more than talking with security has to do with a slight change in the shooting system . On this occasion the strength and precision of our throws is determined by a semicircle that appears below our player, w


hich is filled as we keep the firing button pressed, bouncing and going backwards once it reaches the top. Theirs is to try to release the button just when it reaches its final part and, if we do it properly, this semicircle beco


mes green to indicate that we have made a perfect shot. It is also possible to execute throws using the right stick and, this time, a diversion system has been integrated that penalizes the errors in the direction during the launch mechanics.


NBA 2K17

The physical game has been more careful if possible and it is a delight to watch the fighters fight for a rebound or fight for the defensive position.

How much impact does this new shooting system have on the game? Well, that depends on each player. For example, if you are like us, we never tend to such force bars or meters when practicing basket shots since we only focus on player susp


ensions, trying to release the button when the player is in the maximum height of its jump, this change does not suppose any notable difference. But those who are more novice or who rely on the perfect calculation of these meters, may notice it at the beginning.


We also wanted to give more importance to the manual control of certain actions, such as dribbling or cross overs, being very necessary to master the right stick for that purpose. The system of theft of the ball has also been redone in order to make it mor


e realistic, although in this case the differences that we have noticed in relation to what was established in the last delivery have been quite limited.