Naughty Dog environment artist joins Ninja Theory

Surrounding Artist Andrew Watkins left Naughty dog after nine years of work to join the team Ninja theory. Initially, this information appeared on the forum. Neogaf, and then was cross-checked through a social network LinkedIn. According to the latter, Watkins since December last year is listed as a senior environmental artist in the internal studio of Microsoft.

It is good to know that Ninja Theory attracts talented specialists to its side. After joining Xbox Game Studios last year, the team announced two new games at once: a team multiplayer shooter Bleeding edgecoming out on this year’s Xbox One and PC and continuing its adventure game Hellblade for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Microsoft previously explained why it bought Ninja Theory and what to expect from the creators of Hellblade.

Read our review on the first part of Hellblade here..

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