Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate the Ninja Storm , however, a special way – it was fixed on the PC, is loved in Russia (well, who has not seen “Naruto”?), And now and then pleases innovations.

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If you are not familiar with the original, and then do not rush to read, otherwise the roof will go from an abundance of names and events. The basis is simple – in the court of the Middle Ages, and the main characters – Ninja conducting a lifetime on a dangerous mission.

“Boevka ‘certainly confusing to anyone who remembers the traditional 2D-fighting games or the massacre of the discharge Dead or Alive . First of all because there is not implemented the usual side view (or the exotic “eyes,” as in the MoCap Boxing ), and over the shoulder of your character or vrazhiny – so is the whole arena in the field of view.

Enemy in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 It can be a powerful blow to treat or a handful of shuriken. Under the block and jump given separate buttons. The most important “resource” – “Chakra” spent on superataku and rapid dash to the enemy (variants of “Dash”, by the way, more than one).

A similar scheme used in the recent Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul . All that is required – time to recharge the “strip” of spiritual energy, time and time again to tear across the arena to the opponent and carefree knock one- and two-button combination. There are, of course, more deceptive maneuver with the substitution of the body lazy, acrobatic rebound, “trick” to counterattack, but the special variety of the above does not bring.

Think, unlike similar Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, It is not necessary. Oh, and a couple of fun features – are allowed to bring on a bout of two assistants, acting as the “Stryker” in of The King of to Fighters Fighters and helpful “consumables”.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 game review

Arenas very much. Game – remember the key moments from the anime.

Victory in battle bring money and various little things, where, for the latest need to fulfill special conditions – for example, leave the opponent without weapons or win with 50% of “life”. Lower currency to the dear fan “title” Ninja items spoofing, arts, etc. is available in “collection” mode, is present in every “anime” fighting game since time immemorial. The same applies to “syuzhetki”, following in the footsteps of the original. However, this time out of it for some reason given a separate “adventure mode”, where our wards running through the villages of the universe “Naruto”, performing unpretentious mission.

“An open world” in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 conditional and limited (though not as dismal as in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3), With aimlessly trampling and air dissolved in population.

Local cel-shading-pleasing graphics inks, fountain special effects and animation okay, but on the background model Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign looks yesterday afternoon.

Developers should praise only for the fact that the clothes on the fighters really bursting at the seams and the torn and partially destructible arenas.

But no matter how festive Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 or sparks safely pass by, if before that survive online BlazBlue or practicing a theory of focus attacks in Street Fighter 4 .

Alternatives in bulk, as is now fashionable to release on PC anime massacre. And then, a brisk and funny Mighty Guy or how graceful Ino Yamanaka, and you can see on the show.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 game review

Girl, sun, beach … Unfortunately, this is not Dead or Alive
The Steam Ultimate the Ninja Storm 4 sells for 1199 rubles. Better to spend the money on an excellent Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign or any other fighting game Arc the System the Works – in the near future will be pleased with the Japanese PC-strong audience next releases.