Murders with style

Tokyo 42 seemed to have all the credentials to impress fans of independent productions with some interesting finds, an out-of-the-line style and a strong quotation of old classics of the past.


At the base of the concept created by Maciej Strychalski and Sean Wright there are in fact a multitude of landmarks ranging from the very first episodes of Grand Theft Auto to the old Syndicate of Bullfrog, passing through another great classic of the 90s as Cannon Fodder.I


n short, given the times we are talking about a quite unusual operation, from which emerges a volatile action shooter with an isometric view that tries to enhance components such as strategic planning, camouflage and stealth action in the frame of a futuristic Tokyo with a cyberpunk flavor . Contrary to what could


be expected in light of the reference theme, Tokyo 42 is able to stand out especially for the particular graphic style and the vivid colors with which the scenarios have been characterized:


a quality that catches the eye at a first glance and that captures the attention of the observer even before becoming in tune with the play mechanics. The game is available starting from today on PC (where we have done our test) and Xbox One at a price of 19.99 euros,

Murders with style


The plot of Tokyo 42 is little more than a pretext to kick off the theme that will act as a common thread for the entire duration of the single player campaign, or the intentions of revenge. The anonymous protagonist of the adventure is spending an evening of relaxation in his apartment when suddenly he discovers that he has been framed for a murder he never committed.


The police are about to break into the building, but unexpectedly a mysterious ally leans the chestnuts from the fire and warns him to escape. Persuaded to find out what is hiding behind this shady business, the alter ego of the player is urged to turn in turn into a deadly killer and to make way without so many pleasantries to discover the truth.


Thus began a singular activity of investigation that will involve organized crime in the Japanese metropolis, leading to the source from which everything began.

The journey places the player in front of the need to manage more fighting styles, favoring infiltration dynamics with respect to the frontal collision.Tokyo 42 rests its foundations on a sandbox structure full of buildings, bridges and squares placed on various levels.


 The verticality and the quantity of perspectives selectable with the simple rotation of the visual are strictly connected to the characteristics of the gameplay and give way to vary the own approach on the base of the situations that are to be configured and


of the style that is preferred. Moreover, during our final test they found confirmation of some impressions that we had already had the opportunity to capture in our hands-on of a few months ago, namely that the structure of the maps does not offer great variety in terms of level design, focusing more on verticality than on diversification of places.