Murdered: Soul Suspect

Fell to his death from a window in the fall, our hero was surprised to discover managed to maintain consciousness. Even losing body and becoming a real ghost, he decides to find his killer. Otherwise he would never settle down and not be able to be reunited with his wife. The more so for stranded on Earth souls hunt demons.

The second hero of the game – a girl named Joy, and after her the same maniac that emptied the clip in Ronan. By chance, it is a medium: she hears and sees a dead detective that strong on the last hand.

Just remember the cycle Blackwell adventure-game where the girl helped spirits find peace only in Murdered we favor the side of ghosts.

Location – the city of Salem in the northeastern United States. At the end of the XVII century is a witch hunt, but because of what residents are interested in the occult. At the beginning of the XX century there was a major fire, which explains the last ghost of the building, employees obstacles to the hero.

Local ghosts can walk through a conventional wall inside the building, but not through the outer: it can only leave through the door.

Also on the ground there are puddles portals with protruding demonic hands that are trying to catch the hero and throw it to the previous save point.

As a result, the level design in the first collision is puzzling: navigate the dim houses difficult, which walls are transparent, and which are not – not obvious.

In such circumstances, hard to collect a huge number of minor objects scattered literally everywhere. Here there is a note of its dead wife’s acquaintance with Ronan, newspaper articles about Salem maniac, plaques with the history of the city and of the secondary characters.

You can even discover unique things for each location, which opened after collecting horror stories in the best spirit of “Tales from the Crypt” and the pioneering horror stories by the light of a flashlight before lights out.

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Ron privedencheskih wide arsenal of abilities. For example, he can instill in the people and read their thoughts, to influence them by “mental touch” and study the various documents in their hands.

If thinks of stay poltergeist, you will be able to include electrical appliances, to divert the attention of the guards and give Joey slip unnoticed. Also, the detective will hunt demons, carefully hiding from them in the “ghost sediments.”

But the most interesting – it’s “investigation”. According to the plot, and after some side dialogues with suffering ghosts included in the game counter collected evidence.

Most often they are within the designated place, but sometimes have to resort to the capabilities of Ronan and restore events by “rewind” time. All material evidence in this case to collect optional: it is enough just a couple of the main, just like in LA Noire. The above mechanics often well integrated into the story.

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The stamps and borrowing is covered as the strength and the weakness of Murdered: Soul Suspect. It is similar simultaneously on Beyond: Two Souls and Ghost Trick, not to mention the dozens of books and films about the underworld. Developers carefully choose the best find, not even trying to come up with an original plot.

Isolation can be predicted already in the prologue, but it definitely will surprise you with its brutality. Mental hospital, a cemetery, an abandoned house – the site of action also highlighted clichéd.

The stamps and borrowing is covered as the strength and the weakness of Murdered.

Even the main characters – and they are stereotyped, though shown in the best possible way. The dynamics of the relationship distrustful of a teenage girl and a policeman cheeky really interesting to watch.

All the matter in different dialogues and sound system, which Airtight Games coped flawlessly.

This game – a real triumph of style. Narrative prevails here over the mechanics of the game, but Murdered still can not be called “interactive movie.

” You take part in all occurring in the plot twists and turns. you collect things are like extras in the Collector’s Edition a favorite movie. There is no reason to give up such a good story filed, unless you tired of stories about ghosts at all.