“Imagine that you are literally able to move mountains!” – intrigued by the authors of the game. In fact, move mountains and do not have to – they can only be rotated clockwise by 90 degrees. The Munin world revolves general all: the levels of this logic platformer divided into equal sections in which the player is free to rotate, to pave his way to yet another feather.

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At first it looks like a simple folding of the puzzle – the ceiling becomes the floor in a place where there was an abyss, isolated ladder going into one, and you’re lost pick up a pen.

The only problem – Muninn can not rotate the section is located. A little later in the game there are other mobile elements: a platform-lifts, large stones, living according to the laws of gravity and fluid that fill level compartments.

It is to the benefit of Munin – puzzles become more complex, because now instead of the child’s mosaic with a Scandinavian flavor you’re dealing with a kind of Rubik’s Cube.

Section are related to each other – for example, turning one that is in the upper left corner of the screen, at the same time turns and the section in the lower right.

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After finishing one stage, Munin can choose where to move further along the tree worlds – and switch between them at any time. That is, no longer need to waste away on the solution too complex puzzle – stuck, you can always move to another barrier, and return to a difficult test later.

In one world you have to solve puzzles with rolling rocks on the background of walking giants – and, from the heavy rubble will not only have to dodge (otherwise smear), but use them for their own purposes.

Skilfully running rock break wall that blocks the way, or serve as a stand for the collapsed platform.

In another world is dominated by water, which is typed into the location and picks up the hero to the desired point. It should be wisely used parts as reservoirs level.

Munin for some reason can without restrictions be under water, but dies from a light touch with a harmless type of thorns.

Death to crow in the human body is not critical – the overall progress is not lost, but the current level will have to start over, which means that all the collected feathers here will again be on their way places.

The game has a couple of nasty crashes Munin sometimes falls into the abyss through the staircase that leads down, though no one had asked to climb on it.

Perhaps this is a manifestation of an internal nature bird – raven can not walk past a potential perch. However, having failed so a few times, it is no laughing matter – to walk in a circle with the same puzzles (especially in the later stages of deployed) are simply boring.

An important rule of game design: “The world has to revolve around the player” – and Munin is not the first game that embodies it literally. In 2009 came the logical platformer And Yet It Moves, where the world was agile to dizziness.

In addition to constant jokes with gravity, there were the original paper decorations, as well as the soundtrack, which in the later stages have a direct impact on gameplay. Munin anything so can not boast.

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The protagonist is pale, most of the backs unremarkable (although walking giants are impressive), and the background music does not try to come to the fore. Yes, there are exquisite puzzles, but the game does not try to impress you and, eventually, disappears from memory, like a raven feather in the wind.