Mother Russia Bleeds

2016 is not being the best year in history in the independent videogame scene , but we are not giving it the same coverage as courses back due to the very great productions that are appearing in consoles like PC. The equator of the generation makes the

Killer Instinct Season 3


luminous panels focus on the triple A, but we should not forget what is behind the scenes, because we would not be overlooking little gems like Mother Russia Bleeds , which dignifies Le Cartel as study and elevate Digital Return  one step higher than it was.

The era of beat’em up is a thing of the past; few companies cultivate a genre that shone with its own light and that is now the meat of independent production. At the end of the day, with little you can achieve much, but it is also a risk to try to imitate the classics, because the phallus can come to seem like a disaster; However, in the case of Mother Russia Bleeds,


not only is it correct, but aspects of the two-dimensional fighting games are taken in the era of the 16 bits that make the overall result an authentic delight, reminiscent of both a genre and the another without forgetting his own idiosyncrasies. 4 hours of authentic bloodthirsty frenzy, fierce and unscrupulous.

mother_rusia_bleedsdz.jpg screenshot

Arcade without deception; blood without qualms

Nothing else to begin quickly exposes the circumstantial context of the moment, where several street fighters are arrested by the Russian police.


We will wake up in a bunker and that’s where the getaway begins, only that this place is spiced by a drug that greatly increases the strength of those who consume it. We expect then 8 levels of about 20 minutes , each more complex and better designed,


where they will be presenting the mechanics with its different variants, as the title is increasing in complexity while we get to know more about the characters. Pure arcade, a beat’em up that says yes to the use of bats, knives, shots and a surprising variety of characters, which will offer a very different behavior among them.

It should be noted how well the chromatic range is interpreted at all times. Despite the graphic section, which is simple, without fanfare or too many details if we compare it with other titles that focus on the pixel art; Mother Russia Bleeds uses magenta colors to surreptitiously represent all the playable characters. This is not a trivial issue, because in this way, since it is a primary color, we never lose sight of our avatar, regardless of the luminosity conditions.


The eyes with white background also influence, but the point is that we never lose sight of the position of Player 1 or the other elements of the scenario, including both objects to interact with and the characters controlled by the AI. At the sound level, unfortunately, it is far below what was expected, with no connection between the background music and what is seen on the screen.

mother_rusia_bleedsq.jpg screenshot

Rejugability as a capital value

Another of the most remarkable points of the title is the differentiation between the characters. It does not have anything to do with choosing Sergei or Boris, which adds a really rewarding replay value to the final result of the work. The latter, Trevor’s alter ego, GTA V, is the perfect answer to a fervent desire to retaliate for his violence and body language . Put another way: it’s crazy.


Mother Russia Bleeds is rewarding, but not from the start. The control requires several hours to get used to the timing and range of the blows,


because sometimes it is not entirely accurate the place of the character with respect to the enemy, making us hit the air on more than one occasion.

However, when we start controlling the combos, the experience starts to win many integers. It’s a shame that he starts to feel really comfortable when we


reach the final stretch of the title; That is why it is best to start with a low level of difficulty and gradually increase it, so that the difficulty curve is internalized in a more natural and logical way. Le Cartel has not managed, however, that the learning speed of the average or tanned player in the genre is on a par with what the title is looking for, being this one always a step behind.