Hotline U.S.S.R

We are with you, dear readers, we live in such a sad time when it seems to be little that can be truly happy. An endless series of remakes, reboots, “rethinking” and sequels / trikvelov / prequels of all kinds and colors, combined with endless parasitism on though much loved, but had long otgremevshego once brands and names can not cause irritation.

Review of Mother Russia Bleeds

Often creative impotence and lack of willingness to take the risk and bring something really new from major game developers, publishers, film and television zastavyaet people genuinely interested in the media industry and interactive entertainment, indulge in nostalgia, surely saying: “But before …! “or” But when the …! “.

This notorious nostalgia for days gone by is able to get, if not move mountains, then, at least, to take up something, what you hardly versed.

Recent examples of such film “Kung Fury” and Hotline Miami, and that sincere joy with which the public received by the projects of unknown amateur artists, most clearly prove that such nostalgia around the world, hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

And the debut project of Mother Russia Bleeds from the French Le Cartel studio stands in line with these projects with the full right to do so.

Review of Mother Russia Bleeds
Slang with lurkmore, as well as jokes about mamok brought into play. The place is really fun.

Mother Russia Bleeds, unlike its other counterparts not indie mumbles and does not beat around the bush. While many projects do not know what / for whom they are created and how they are perceived, then the MRB problems with self-identification is not never arises: is the mastodon of early childhood and adolescence, homage to all imaginable and not imaginable game beat’em up- that ever came into the world. It is a powerful blast from the past.

The plot of the game though and there, but to go into the details of his big sense is not, and the latter almost none. Alternative history of the last years of the Soviet Union is full of endless madness and psychosis. Add to this the frequent “trip” (where do without them?)

And going wild violence – that’s the whole canvas of Mother Russia Bleeds. And this is precisely one of the main advantages of the game: it does not try to pretend to serious drama, or, God forbid, to historical authenticity.

Instead, we are a motley parade of cranberry in the most positive sense of the word and bears in the long-eared bat … sorry, in spiked muzzles.

Review of Mother Russia Bleeds
You can not worry – “Boss” helicopter present in the game.

You can choose from four different characters, each of which have their own little background and abilities.
Natasha, for example, of all the characters will be the most nimble and quick, and the heavy-handed giant Ivan has no equal in strength and power.

It is not necessary to hope that your choice will affect the course of history. The difference will be visible only in a game process, yes, can, in a pair of triple-dialogues.