Morphite is, first of all, deeply pleasant. We embody Mirah, a daring interplanetary treasure hunter completing her training. Accompanied by a species

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today

of cybernetic cat named Kitcat (brilliant) we will cross the Universe under the watchful eye of our master Mr. Mason. An ancient and powerful substance called Morphite that was believed lost

Titan Souls

forever in the confines of history reappears throughout our adventure and with it a series of mysteries that we must solve. Thanks to our ship and always accompanied by a cast of dear companions we will cross the Universe exploring its planets and trying to unravel its


mysteries. It’s a harmless story, full of funny little characters but without any exciting turn.If you are looking for a great story here you will not find it , working the argument rather as a simple engine of events that as something fundamental to the title.

Metroid via No Man’s Sky

One of the greatest virtues of the game is the freedom it gives the player when choosing his next goal. Our friendly cyber-feline will mark our next goal on the galactic map, but we are free to deviate as much as we like in the process. Unfortunately, planets that are not part of the main story are not specially developed.


Barely ten minutes serve to disembowel most secondary planets of resources and completing their secondary missions and as we progress through the game the limited variety of existing planets and their configurations becomes more apparent.


Between planet and planet we can observe the intergalactic map, explore the different solar systems and trade with the space stations that are in them. From time to time we will find merchants or pirates on our descent to some planet with which we can deal peacefully or violently through a very simple space combat system.

Morphite (IPD) screenshot

Once we landed on a planet, the gameplay could be described, using the well-known tactic of mentioning two other games, as a mix between


No Man’s Sky and Metroid: Prime. Thus, each planet we pass through has a series of obstacles that we may or may not cross depending on our current improvements.As we obtain resources, either through the scanning and sale of the alien life forms that we find or the collection of minerals, we can improve our


character and unlock new capabilities. This prevents the rhythm of the game to stop at any point since there will always be some improvement on the


horizon, either a new suit that allows us to explore warmer planets or a new gadget that allows us to move better by them. The improvements to unlock are extensive and, although we prefer not to tear them apart, you can be sure that your final character will have little to do with the soft-hearted weakling with whom you started your adventures. 

When the planet we occupy is related to the main story it is evident that there is an extra work involved. These planets usually have individual elements, puzzles and dungeons in the purest zelda style (saving distances) and even terrible final bad.


This is where the game looks and one wonders if it would not have been better experience restricting itself to this type of experience but it is true that we can


simply ignore the rest of the content thanks to the freedom on offer. The combat, which takes on more importance as the game progresses, never quite satisfies, mainly due to a lack of visual response to our actions. Quite simply, combat is not the star of Morphite but exploration.