Mordheim: City of the Damned

Stones of contention

The first game based on the popular “nastolki» Mordheim (part of the universe of Warhammer Fantasy) proposes to engage in exactly the same than the original, – manage your squad and fight with other “squad” in the streets of the same name cursed city.

And on the streets of not only filth, scum, dirt, ruins and other traces of comet impact with two tails, but scattered here and there splinters wyrdstone, distortion stones – they have a special value, and it is because of them often fighting squads.

Basic mechanics quite clear and simple. You choose one of four factions – it can be treacherous Ratman, Skaven; imperial mercenaries;

Juggs Sisters of Sigmar; Possessed mutated representatives of the cult. Each, of course, its own characteristics: Skaven are characterized by high agility and stealth, excellent mercenaries fighting with cold steel, Sisters of Sigmar best wielded hammers and thus support each other in light magic, and know how to use magic Obsessed dark.

However, in each of the four campaigns are one and the same. You hire the soldiers in the squad, “pump” them, buy equipment, choose the mission on the global map and fight. You can also fight with other players in the “battle” separate mode.

Plus, no one bothers you to switch between campaigns for different factions – all results, including multiplayer, go to a common fund of the player, allowing to gain experience, new levels and helpful bonuses like discounts in the store, or additional gold for the new units.

Paid medicine

Difficulties arise when you go out on the battlefield. Battles in Mordheim: City of the Damned, Clear, step by step, and the success of all the actions (likely to get at the enemy, dodge, parry, cast a spell to detect the trap, and so on) determined by rolling the virtual dice. So, this is perhaps the only game where the probability of hitting at 86% or even 92% of your fighter can miss twice in a row.

The more often cast spells, the higher the risk of a negative side effect.

Opponents initially stronger, and meeting one-on-one is likely to end in tears – it is best to stick together, carefully exploring the city in a state of permanent ambush. However, under the terms of the majority of the missions at the start of your soldiers will artificially scattered in groups or one on the map – it turns out, you advance are at a disadvantage.

As a result, even the first mission with a low and very low complexity often will bring only pain and suffering.

Moreover, in the literal sense: the hackneyed to the loss of “units” of consciousness are injured varying degrees of severity, directly affecting their performance and requiring treatment in the camp, where you return after victories and defeats; otherwise after a while the character will die.

But even after the “extract” some risk of being maimed or fools who regularly fail the psychological test and simply stand still, refusing to obey your orders.

The deficit in the city

on the treatment needs money and time, and here there is one more layer of hardcore. In Mordheim: City of the Damnedyou are constantly in a total lack of all kinds of resources: money, time, “Expo”, stones distortion. With the last – a special problem: to raise enough during the mission is very difficult, and often impossible – it is necessary to kill a few enemies, as a task force ends.

Meanwhile, according to the terms of the story campaign, you need to time to carry out orders of your main ally in the supply of stones distortion. And he needs to immediately send one hundred tons of cargo, and it is given exactly ten days.

While the wounded are in hospital and a detachment is incomplete, sent to the new job can not. And time is still ticking. And even a simple every day you have to pay salaries to its fighters, including cripples and idiots. In general, a vicious circle. Dismiss disabled and hire a new warrior or even a new unit? This is also not cheap pleasure …

You can, of course, to sell stones to other groups in exchange for various useful items, reputation and growth of their subsequent bonuses, such as discounts on the study of your soldiers various skills (yes, on the new capabilities there is also need gold!). But it is better to save wyrdstone for the main customer – should thwart several deliveries in a row, and you risk to fail the entire campaign.