Moon Rider Arrives – Cosplay on Luna from Dota 2

Catherine Korbut showed cosplay on Luna from Dota 2. The girl published several photos in the image of a moon rider – she rented a character costume from Daria Kravets.

It’s believed that Luna’s story, accent and phrases were borrowed from the Celts. In their cultural heritage, warriors who were mystically associated with the moon were often mentioned. In the current Dota 2 meta, the character is on the 71st line in popularity, and the hero’s win rate is 50.09%.

In a personal group on VKontakte, Ekaterina Korbut wrote that cosplaying on Dota, goes to tournaments and lives on this game. Kravets previously also appeared at various events in this image. Photos of this cosplayer are in our selection.

Cosplay on Luna from Dota 2. Cosplayer: Catherine Korbut. Source: