Mobility comes to the fore. How captains of the best teams of the season play

Compare the current styles (mostly defensive) with the old meta and derive their features. The start of the strategic outcome trilogy is here and now.

Good day, dear users of! The new competition season comes closer to the home of every CS: GO fan in the world. Before BLAST Premier, a little less than three weeks remain, which means that it’s time to traditionally put an end to the important issues of the outgoing year. Ready?

Foreword: Care Zeus of Natus vincere – One of the best permutations in 2019. By the end of the material, you will realize that in the winter the effectiveness of Daniel would have fallen significantly.

gla1ve with legendary notebook |

gla1ve with legendary notebook |

Firstly, we will take the two most relevant maps for 2018-2019 as a basis (as you might have guessed, this Inferno and Mirage). The fact is that in such locations the teams have many reasons to create something new, and in such conditions all the creative and individual activity of the coordinator is monitored. Secondly, as an example, the best matches of our heroes over the past three months will be considered. Thirdly, for comparison, matches are included in the material gla1ve for the spring of 2018. What for? On that moment Astralis Already considered an innovation team, from which others just borrowed. It is logical to imagine how much the captain meta has changed and evolved since then.

2018. The beginning of a great era


Marcel, DreamHack Masters, first tournament match against then existing ones Space soldiers. Lucas at that time was demonstrating a pattern of extremely changeable positioning on Inferno. At the same time, the command scheme did not change, and the captain was the most active defense player.

Primary role: second B-captive opornik standing closer to the church. From this gla1ve squeezed the maximum throughout the map. For example, playing paired with Xyp9x, Rossander not only provided additional fire support on the banana, but also helped teammates with grenades for each action. If the distant flash drive in terrorists was defaulted, then the Molotovs instantly extinguished behind the bags, where the opornik of the early timings was located, looked very beautiful. In case of poor purchase, the opponent gla1ve got up for coffins and received the first information about the number of Turks, while not putting himself at risk.

Activity map gla1ve (Inferno vs. Space Soldiers). In red – the usual position, in yellow – the possible movements.

Three passive Dane stood default on A-plent, one of which passed under the roof during a protracted attack. When it turned out that Space Soldiers were not going to quickly open a banana, captain Astralis switched to long to create crossfire on the midline, and the possibility of penetrating the connector was excluded. Convenience lies in the standard location of gla1ve on B, from which hauling is possible without creating information for the opponent, and the Turks could not have guessed the exact number of oporniks. In addition, as many as 3 defense players on A were strong enough not to attract gla1ve once again. The main disadvantage of the scheme itself is the absence of its change. Probably, an opponent with a level higher in several rounds would have calculated all aspects and found out weaknesses (for example, Space Soldiers have not tried to develop a banana team rush implemented in eco-rounds under normal conditions).


If the Danes now have a constant veto on Mirage, then before the pool change Cache was in the bath. During the finals of the seventh season of the ESL Pro League, Lucas Rossander gave an excellent performance against Faze clan.

Comparing this match with the past, a variable defensive scheme catches your eye, which forced gla1ve to exchange positions with teammates. Then he was able (weakly said) to play to collect information on almost the entire map:

Gla1ve activity and control map (Mirage vs. FaZe). Blue lines – position information.

– From the jungle itself, as can be seen from the screenshot, the captain has the option to occupy nearby points for a larger view.

– AWP in the window is not required – Astralis calmly let terrorists into the mid, successfully coping with them on the connector, zigzag, or inside the B-capt.

– Turning to the connector, gla1ve was provided with Magisk support. Another thing is when you had to act alone behind the drawers or on a zigzag (in the first case, Lucas could not simultaneously read the pit and carpets, experiencing a fiasco). The same staircase with a view to the pit was covered from the back.

The greater surprise is the role of the entri-fragmenter and the open movements from gla1ve on the midline, we are talking about the attack side. By the sum of the facts, the guy at that time could be considered the most aggressive IGL on the tier-1 stage. Yes, it’s hard to track the moments in the attack, because at the beginning of 2018 the Danes rarely chose T as the first side, but the implementation of the defense definitely deserves applause.

The end of 2019. The advent of supermobile IGL


Are there any followers of the older gla1ve? Of course, but something they nevertheless modified.

In terms of the default closing position and constriction on A karrigan I completely copied last year’s compatriot style, but with a full purchase, Finn often remains on B alone. Counter problem: mousesports lose positions when karrigan is forced to move deeper into the B-plent. There is practically no time for help, and against a fast banana, one opornik becomes powerless.

Given that through the midlane the European team is conducting a rather aggressive defense, karrigan has to squeeze enemies from the back as soon as information appears. In the attack, Andersen has an important role in the conditions of the constantly changing mousesports scheme, namely the single control of defense positions:

T-side karrigan activity map (Inferno vs. Evil Geniuses). Green – Move the backbone of mousesports.

Invariably copied the old gaming style gla1ve only Alex and Boombl4, but in today’s meta on SG / AUG, taking B from the coffins has become much easier.

For a year and a half, Lucas Rossander himself took over twice the fire load on a banana. What did it turn out to be? There is a reduction in swaps on the A-Plent, and the oporniks of that point become vulnerable already on both sides (not counting the moments when gla1ve on the long from the start of the round). In conditions of such constriction, Astralis really lose their positions from the first seconds and freeze even more in one arrangement.

Exception to the rule: nitr0.

Activity map nitr0 (Inferno vs. fnatic).

Inferno is one of those cards where Team liquid play 2 awp. This allows nitr0 to break free of banana protection and focus on the information in the center of the card. Given that the Americans, in principle, do not get into open contact in advance, the Liquid sniper becomes doubly tenacious without a default pit check. At times, his attacking role is more dangerous: a single alter mid. At first, the team can open a banana, and by the end of the round with the presence of clear information on the card make a retake. The problem is the degree of aggression of the opponent when, without calling nitr0, the rest of Liquid loses a lot of health even before the retake.


Stories about a variety of attacks Fnatic – the truth is only on one side. The team goes through the defaults, adjusting to the opponent (on the other hand, writing something new on the standard map is quite problematic). Golden not being a good shooter, he is not at all at risk: he goes strictly behind two or three allies, often retreats instead of exchanging, occasionally collects information on apartments. In fact, this is a foursome game for fnatic. Yes, Maykil can make a move from midline to connector, but it usually doesn’t end with anything good. Did you think everything is terrible here? By no means, a more boring sight than Golden in defense, you will not see. The default for the Iraqi Swede is the defense of the B-captive under the wagon. Several people enter through the apartment, and Fnatic instantly give away the point. This is probably why the guys often skidded as defenders.

In recent months, Liquid has been in a real crisis. There is a deficit in maneuverability, any change in position seems to be forced. By default, nitr0 is a lone opornik B. Two problems:

– Reception of apartments at the Golden level.

– A pointless late swap on A-Plent at the end of the round when the position has already been lost.

The only thing successfully used by nitr0 is to zigzag and create a second point of attention for Reenegades on the midline (in addition to the window). The strange thing is that for the reception of apartments Nick practically does not take AWP, being the main sniper of the team.

Nitr0 activity map on the CT side (Mirage vs. Renegades).

An absolutely opposite situation in the American reigns in attack. In the course of half, there is a separation from the team (collecting information on apartments and the midline, calls from the T-spawn), and the game is the first number (passage under the window on the midline, entree frags with AWP in the pit). Note: despite one attacking pattern, Liquid uses a rather innovative detail. It is a question of a change of players between the same positions. The chip has been relevant since the summer, but is realized only if the team has station wagons that shoot equally well from any point and are prepared for such swaps.

T-side activity and nitr0 control map (Mirage vs. Renegades).

Perhaps in the face stanislaw we see the future top captain, whose asset is good shooting for an early reception. If we take into account only the A-Plent, then Peter not only receives the first information from the carpets (the most risky position for IGL), but also activates in such closed places as a hitch or a ladder under the carpets. Instead of point B, captain’s preference Evil geniuses given to the midline and the tunnel, from where, after the open-kill, the Canadian immediately recedes. The downside is how open his movements are, and so that everything goes well, the rest of the team constantly plays the role of stanislaw. In the attack, in short, the captain of the EG simply supports and processes information from teammates, nothing special.

We conclude the story with a story about the game ALEX and its team:

– At the beginning of the year Team vitality differed in thoughtful protection of the B-plent in two people. Now the situation is as follows: at each point there is one player each, and ALEX with partners takes the midline on exchanges. Under such conditions, the starting position of our hero (jungle) is not realized at the beginning of the round, but is missed at the time of the banner to teammates.

– The Briton differs from other captains in direct contribution to the attack of his team. The Vitality style itself forces ALEX to roam the midline in search of information and the first frags. Feel the aesthetics of the French attack? Vitality does not have defaults per se, and opening a captive begins only with successful open frags and exchanges. This can be traced even when the guys spend a lot of time arranging around the bomb (which gives instant solutions: the action is built around the current situation after the breakthrough).

Read, discuss and like under this material, thank you for your attention. One of the three themes of January is revealed, to be continued …

Golden wishes you a good week :)

Golden wishes you a good week 🙂