MOBA genre has been scaled to Total War: Blood of Steel received release date

Chinese studio Evolution decided to postpone the release of its large-scale MOBA game for a month Blood of steel. Now she will be released in a digital store Steam February 20, 2023, and the creators will be able to bring to mind their brainchild.

Based on the setting of the Middle Ages, Blood of Steel will allow gamers to bring large armies to the battlefield, taking control of military leaders from different parts of the world. Each of the heroes gives orders to a detachment of 40 people, and changing weather conditions greatly influence what is happening.

There are four modes available: 5v5, 7-v-7, 10-v-10 and the Hero Arena (1v1 duel).

The developers also announced the appearance of an in-game store. Players will be able to purchase new heroes, weapons and skins. Evolution assured that they won’t give any gameplay advantages of microtransaction – it is only about cosmetics.

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