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Minecraft 2024: Trial Chambers Update Review

After the announcement of Minecraft 1.21, players were looking forward to the appearance of mysterious structures, Breeze, and blocks of copper and tuff in the game world. All this content will expand the capabilities of players. Users can find in new underground locations such blocks as copper bulbs, doors, and trapdoors, as well as trial spawner.


This creature lives on the territory of the trial chamber in Minecraft 2024. The creature is a bit similar in appearance to Blaze. This mob is also aggressive, but its attack has its own differences. These hostile creatures appear from the trial spawner.

It shoots projectiles made of air, and they blow up everything around. Interestingly, shells fired by the Breeze can open and close doors and hatches. They can also press different buttons, extinguish candles, and move levers. By the way, this does not work with iron doors.

The mob also has a unique animation: it pushes off the floor and jumps before attacking.

Copper and Tuff

cooper bulb

The game used to have copper and blocks made of it, and now there are new options in Minecraft version 2024. Doors and trapdoors can be used during the construction of the house. With them, the most atmospheric underground locations are obtained.

Also in the game there is a copper bulb that is used for lighting. Due to contact with air, the surface can oxidize, and then the blocks acquire a greenish color. The bulb may dim from this, and players should take this into account if they use this item.

Trial Chambers

Minecraft trial chamber

Those who want dangerous adventures in Minecraft 2024 need to visit the Trial Chamber. There are some blocks there that will help the character survive. Basically, the structure consists of tuff and copper. Hostile mobs can also live inside this location. They can attack and deal damage to the guests of the dungeon.

Also, chests randomly appear inside. Anything can be there, and users can never know in advance what. It is worth exploring the location carefully, because a trap can be hidden anywhere.

A new underground structure can be generated in any Overworld location.

New Spawner

trial spawner

Players are used to the fact that there are spawners of mobs in the game. These are blocks that create hostile creatures that the character needs to fight.  The new spawner summons mobs in an amount that depends on how many players are nearby at that moment.

In survival mode, this block cannot be crafted or obtained in any other way. If the player uses creative mode, he needs to take an egg in the inventory to activate the block. This spawner appears in Trial Chambers itself. If an explosion occurs nearby, the trial spawner does not disappear, since it is immune to explosions. After some time of working, it needs some time to recharge.

Also, not only Breeze can appear from this block, but also creatures of the following 3 categories:

  • Zombie, Husk, and Slime;
  • Spider, Cave Spider, Baby Zombie, Silverfish;
  • Stray, Skeleton.

The more enemies are killed, the more rewards Minecraft 2024 users will receive.



The crafting process usually involves the presence of a special table and ingredients. The developers have created a crafter — a unique block that has become an alternative to the usual table in Minecraft 2024. Its peculiarity is in simultaneous use with Redstone, which will make it possible to do everything faster and easier.

Crafter is created from Redstone dust, Iron Ingots, Crafting Table, and Dropper. It has emits particles during creating objects. It also has sounds in case of unsuccessful and successful crafting. The block has some explosion resistance.



There are many cute and kind creatures among the animals of the game world. The developers have added another one — Armadillo. It won the last Mob Vote and has now become part of the game.

If someone attacks this animal, it will most likely just run away and not join the battle. There is also some benefit that armadillo can bring to players. For example, if a character has a tamed wolf, he will certainly need armor for a pet. After killing an armadillo in Minecraft 2024, it is possible to get its scales. These are the future ingredients for crafting such armor.