Milestone showed the gameplay of MotoGP 21 – review addiction

Studios Milestone and Dorna sports released a trailer with the gameplay of the upcoming sports simulator MotoGP 21… The next installment of the acclaimed motorcycle racing series will hit PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC on April 22nd.

For MotoGP 21, the developers promise a more realistic motorcycle racing experience, intense and dynamic competition on realistic tracks. In Career Mode, we will begin our journey by joining an unknown team. And at the peak of fame, we will be able to found our own club and become its manager.

The game promises a number of innovations, and one of them is the Long Lap Penalty system. A rider who has received a penalty for misconduct during three laps will have to mark not on the track, but at a point outside of it. Because of this, he will lose 2-3 seconds per circle each time.
The PC version of MotoGP 21 will be available in both Steamand in Epic Games Store

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