Mighty No. 9

Far from trying to hide its origin, the truth is that Mighty No. 9 is an action game and platforms of 2D gameplaythat closely follo


ws what was established in the Capcom series. In fact, even its protagonist, the robot Beck , looks a lot like the bluish mascot of the Japanese company in all senses, both physically and in relation to their abilities. But we’ll talk about that later.


The first thing is to situate the action, which takes place in a future dominated by robots. And as you suspect, a virus causes all of them to become a great threat to humans … all but Beck, the number 9 robot. From there it’s up to him to save humanity fr


om machines and, above all, from called Mighty Numbers , the “brothers” of the protagonist who have been hacked and now become their fiercest adversaries. And you know what this entails: they all act as final bosses.


2D tradition

But finishing them is not an easy task, we assure you that. Before going to solve each of the 12 levels offered by the title we must choose the one that

we most want … once passed the one that serves as a tutorial, yes. In true Mega Man style, we enjoy total freedom to overcome the phases in the order we want. Some are more complicated than others, especially in relation to the final clashes, but all these combats have their reward.


Mighty No. 9 analysis

The protagonist always goes armed with his basic blaster, being able to shoot only in jump and in race, without being able to aim manually.

In this way every time we finish with some Mighty Number we start to enjoy their ability. Does it sound? In this way, the basic actions that Beck can perf


orm (jump, shoot with his blaster and perform dashes or rush), little by little we monopolize new capabilities that allow us to use fire, ice, etc. in our benefit. And sometimes these new skills vary somewhat the gameplay, since they can dispense simpler, creative or quick ways to overcome certain later levels.


One of its most attractive aspects is precisely its demanding difficulty

But do not think that, for that reason, the game is becoming more and more affordable, given that if this production stands out for something and that, at least from our point of view, it becomes one of its most attractive aspects, it is precisely its demanding difficulty. . Mighty Nº9 is not a

n impossible game, and it does not end up with the same extreme difficulty as in many of the chapters (especially the most classic ones) of the saga on which it is inspired
, Mega Man. But we assure you that for to overcome certain areas it is necessary to calculate the jumps or dashes to the millimeter and, also, to possess some ability with the pad in our hands to finish off some of the toughest enemies.


Mighty No. 9 PC

In this sense it is appreciated that the control is as simple as, at least in our opinion, accurate, since during our game sessions we have never failed due to problems with the handling: when we have succumbed, it has been our fault.


Until this part of the analysis, all the positive aspects of Mighty Nº9, aspects that we think are enough to please the most veteran and expert players, the public to whom this work is clearly oriented. But the adventure also has its problems, beginning with the


irregularity shown by the levels. In this way it is possible to enjoy well-recreated and accurately designed phases that, like cherry, are culminated


by an interesting confrontation against the final enemy that corresponds. But unfortunately these cases are the least frequent, being necessary to travel other levels much less flashy and uninspired , being generic to say enough.


Mighty No. 9

Every time we eliminate a final boss we move on to store their special ability, whatever it may be.

Another problem is found in his lack of personality . To such a point Mighty No. 9 resembles Mega Man that, after a few minutes of play


, it is difficult not to establish frequent comparisons between what this title proposes to us and what has been enjoyed over the years in the adventures starring this character . And the problem is that the Capcom classic pales in all aspects of this game, which can not compete with the saga at any time.


In addition to this it is also necessary to point out that, although it is a complicated title to overcome, its duration is quite ephemeral as long as we do not get stuck at any particular level. In about 4 or 5 hours it is possible to finish the main adventure, although it is


true that fortunately the game presents several interesting complementary modalities such as the Challenge mode, the more than suggestive Cooperative for two players, race against the clock, etc.


Mighty No. 9 PC

The game has its moments, but it has been quite behind what was expected of him

Mighty No. 9 is a game that is aimed at a very special audience, that is clear to us, users who surely and leaving aside their problems will e

njoy the demanding 2D gameplay that this work proposes. The big problem he has has more to do with the expectation that he had managed to create among the players, especially among the most recalcitrant fans of Mega Man, who saw in him a kind of lifeline … that finally has not fulfilled expectations.


The latter is also extendable to its graphic section, quite bland beyond what is related to the aspect that the protagonist shows (much more conv


incing) and that fails to stand out for anything in particular. Fortunately, their soundtrack is much better, and you can even listen to it on chiptune, an option that we liked a lot.