Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Ranger Taleon lives with his family at the Black Gate, guarding a decent part of Middle-earth from the eternally seething cauldron of hatred – Mordor.

Talion only duty – to protect the gate from the Orcs and other dark forces. Alas, he did not cope with this task. Orcs attacked the post, killed the guards, and at the same time cut the whole family Talion. He was ready to meet with his wife and son in a better world as suddenly became one unpleasant detail: the death does not take Talion, so it is doomed to endless rebirth.

Among the strange ghost he opens season on the murderers of his family and in general the whole army of orcs. On rebirth Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and built. I think other developers in the future will be closely studying the course and try to apply it in their games, because it certainly works brilliantly.

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My darling

One of the minor storylines devoted pet Gollum public. To be honest, I got the impression that this solution developers have lowered the “top”. Like, people like Gollum, so let’s somehow use it in the game. We are using so-so: Gollum helps to understand the past of our partner ghost actively hamming to the camera and says all sorts of nonsense. In short, the same carpet on the wall – the eyes are not happy, the heat is not keeps hanging himself and hangs for no apparent reason.

Imagine: you are dying at the hands of another nasty orcs, but do not feel any negative emotions. On the contrary, the death spurs you to learn about the offender as much as possible, and then hunt him down and kill him in front of astonished colleagues, preferably at the same time humiliated and forced to flee. Only in Talion (okay, I) is not the principle of “do not beat lying.”

I remember my first fight with an orc-captain (captain – the same orcs, only more powerful than usual, they are better equipped and have a number of strengths and weaknesses). It was some kind of an ugly orc, it seems, with an ax in his hands.

I was just in one or two strokes of the order to kill him, like right there was another captain, whose main weapon – a poisoned spear. Axemen I eventually finished it off, but he is already out of the skirmish could not – poisonous spear did the trick. Immediately after the death of the screen showed me captains of the army, in which a nasty spear was promoted to head of the Talion.

When ten minutes later I was fighting with a different captain (in the first hour of the game, I did not receive any topical tasks), and suddenly appeared out of nowhere, as I called him, “Poison ghoul” and kill me again – here the jokes are over. I made it my number one goal. I was running like a man possessed of Mordor in search of information about the bastard.

Stalking “languages”, orcs, which before the killing can interrogate and get information about the location or the weaknesses of the captain you are interested. Then I ran across the map to ambush a bastard. And in the end – I kill him, long and beautiful. Sweet, sweet revenge!

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Orcs vs. Uruk

The reviews on the game regularly run over insane Tolkienists ready to argue for hours that the orcs and Uruk – these are concepts that can be mixed with each other in their “iron” head only journalists. It’s strange, but I agree with them. Orcs – it is the people of Uruk – just a large variety of Orcs, has more power. In his review, I use only the term “orcs” for readability of text by those who are not familiar with the universe.

Nemesis-system – a real find developers. Captains lined up in several rows, only to see their dark silhouettes. Meeting them during the quest or just Having been dragged by Mordor, you know, where they usually are, and what may surprise during combat.

Some cause allies, and you’re not fighting with one orc, but with a whole army. Others are constantly trying to escape, when the situation is not in their favor. Someone invulnerable to arrows, and someone will have to kill only counterattacks – everything else is for them just does not work. By studying the dossier of each of them, you gradually “get acquainted” with the enemy army.

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If you are a fan of the trilogy, you will be disappointed with the world of Mordor. Divided into two locations – conditional “dirty dirt” and “Green Green” – it does not impress you or breathtaking scenery, no huge beautiful buildings. Most of the time you will wander through the ruins and muddy ditches.