Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass is not an experiment of the current generation, but the future

Subscription Service Xbox game pass is not a temporary experiment and will be presented on different platforms in the future. This was stated by the head of the marketing of gaming services Microsoft Ben Decker in an interview Washington Post. He also believes that any – both small and large games – greatly benefited from the fact that they became part of the subscription.

“We want the Game Pass to be available on the next generation,” says Decker. “It was not an experiment for the current generation consoles. This is a service that our subscribers will be able to use on any platforms that we will introduce in the future.“.

Decker also cited small statistics, saying that on average, Xbox owners who join the Game Pass launch 40 percent more games and explore 30 percent more genres.

“The number of games that subscribers play is growing not only in the Game Pass catalog,” says the head of marketing. “After adding to the Minecraft: Xbox One Bedrock Edition catalog, the game’s user base has grown by 20 percent.”

Decker notes that Game Pass makes third-party games successful. He says that in some indie projects, “the user base has grown as much as 30 times.”

In addition, the subscription service helps to increase the number of streamers. It is reported that Game Pass users “are seven times more likely to broadcast gameplay than ordinary Xbox owners.”

In January, the catalog of the service will replenish Grand Theft Auto V and Tekken 7.

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