Metroid: Samus Returns

SpazioGames : Let’s start with a generic question: what has been maintained and what has changed since the original chapter?
Yoshio Sakamoto : We kept what was good in the original title: the title, basic, has remained true to the chapter for Game Boy, but we’ve made it more modern and enjoyable thanks to the introduction of new components such as new abilities and new enemies.
The integration of Eon’s skills and, in general, the help of the MercurySteam team, which has given a different and cool input to the series, makes this game a new experience.
Space : In this regard, Metroid: Zero Mission (remake released on Game Boy Advance of the first chapter) introduced some great novelties to the original as new areas and new bosses. Will we see something like this in Samus Returns ?
Sakamoto : We can not go into detail right now: we can say that we have added new elements and hope that fans will be pleasantly surprised.
Space : Compared to the original, can we expect an expansion of history?
Sakamoto : The basic story remains the same as the original Metroid II, and occupies the same position within the chronology of the saga. At the same time, however, we have been able to expand what you already know, deepening some of the backdrop of this episode.
Metroid: Samus Returns, Yoshio Sakamoto tells us about Samus's return
Space : In this remake you have opted for a stylistic change, moving from the more “cartoons” style of 2D chapters of the past to a more realistic, a change that has not convinced some of the historical fans: can you explain why this choice?
Sakamoto : In my work I like to challenge myself always new challenges, so the stylistic change that we have made I like. I hope players will understand that this new style fits well with the gameplay they will appreciate once they are able to play our game.
Space : Is there any element you wanted to include but did you have to cut?
Sakamoto : No, fortunately I was able to put everything I wanted. That is why I have to thank the MercurySteam, with whom we have had a good partnership: whatever I remembered, they worked hard to insert it and satisfy my idea. Their past work on titles such as Castlevania has returned particularly useful during development. I really have to thank them for the great work they have done.
Space : What element of this remake makes you more proud of it?
Sakamoto : Probably being able to integrate new Eon skills with the original gaming structure.
Metroid: Samus Returns, Yoshio Sakamoto tells us about Samus's return
Space : Will there be big differences between fusion mode and difficult mode?
Sakamoto : The difficult mode will be available for everyone once the game is over, while the fusion mode will be unlocked thanks to Sami’s Aibo. In general, this is an increase in difficulty: in order, we have easy, difficult, and finally fusion modes.
Space : What is the chapter of Metroid with which it has had a more memorable experience?
Sakamoto : Surely my most memorable experience was with Super Metroid (where she has been the director, editor)
Space : Would you like to try out a new Metroid 2D in the future ?
Sakamoto : There are no plans at this moment, but if there was a good idea to accomplish I would like to continue. What we can say is that thanks to this remake and the future Metroid Prime 4 , Metroid is a live and vegetarian series.
Space : Is there another Nintendo series you would like to work on?
Sakamoto : As I mentioned earlier, I like to embark on ever-new challenges. So if I had to choose a future project, I would love to work on something totally new.
Space : Do you want to leave a greeting to fans?
Sakamoto : I hope the old and new fans will appreciate the work we did with Metroid: Samus Returns. I want to thank everyone for their support, and I thank the MercurySteam team again for the wonderful collaboration.